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Blue Drop's English Cast Revealed

By Chris Beveridge     July 21, 2010
Source: English Track

Blue Drop Complete Collection
© Sentai Filmworks

Combining bits of the cover artwork with confirmations from Sentai Filmworks, the English language cast for Blue Drop has been revealed. The show is one of a few that are receiving English language dub upgrade from Sentai Filmworks, with fulfillment made through Right Stuf. The set for Blue Drop is due out on September 7th with the English language cast listed as below, tentatively:

Directed by Matt Greenfield
ADR Script by Clint Bickham


Mari Wakatake: Hilary Haag
Hagino Senkoji: Monica Rial
Michiko Kozuki: Hannah Alcorn
Akane Kawashima: Tiffany Grant
Yuko Sugawara: Luci Christian
Headmaster Fukamachi: John Sawsey

Hiroko Funatsumaru: Shannon Emmerick
Kazumi Yamada: Serena Varghese
Futaba Sizuki: Monica Passley
Mie Sato: Cynthia Martinez
Director Maiyama: Marcy Rae
Mari's Grandmother: Shelley Calene-Black
Hasegawa (Mari's Driver): George Manley
Gen (Gardener): Rob Mungle

Tsubael: Brittney Karbowski
Blue AI: Tiffany Grant
Shivariel: Laura Chapman
Azanael: Kelly Manison
Onomil: Kara Greenberg

Plot Summary: Five years ago, something horrifying happened on Kamioki Island. Something so nightmarish that it stripped all memory from Mari Wakatake's mind even as it left every other human on the island dead in its wake! Now enrolled against her will at an isolated girl's academy, Mari is unaware that hidden eyes are watching her, waiting for her memory to return.

Buried in her psyche is the most terrifying secret of all: while Mari was the only human who lived, she may not have been the only survivor! As something in a female skin invades Kaihou Academy, Mari's only hope may lie in a strange girl to whom she is inexplicably drawn yet cannot trust.


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Maximus44 7/22/2010 8:05:16 AM

Directed by Matt Greenfield.

It's been years since I've heard a Matt Greenfield ADR.



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