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Don't bogart that graphic novel, my friend!

By Stephanie Crawford     January 24, 2002

BLUNTMAN AND CHRONIC, a trade paperback with the real heroes. Snoogans!
© 2001 Image Comics
They hooked you up in CLERKS. They busted up the mall in MALLRATS. They offered wisdom in CHASING AMY. They saved all of Creation in DOGMA. And only recently, they Struck Back. Now, finally, Jay and Silent Bob make their graphic novel debut in the recent release, BLUNTMAN AND CHRONIC, from Image Comics (barring an earlier story first seen in ONI DOUBLE FEATURE #12 and represented in the back of this one-shot).

Bluntman and Chronic are called upon to save central New Jersey, and the world, yet again in the first tale in the saga, "Cums a Hero." The story centers around the origins of B & C (while upending the origin stories of two mainstream heroes). Seemingly destined to be super heroes, Jay and Silent Bob miss several chances to join the ranks of greatness, passing up a glowing green ring, a radioactive spider, and a super-soldier injection, to finally go the bat-route to super-herodom - cold hard cash. Scattering origins and ZigZags in their path, Jay and Silent Bob establish the Bluntcave in the only possible place - the bowels of the earth beneath the Leonardo Quick Stop.

In "Acid-Washed Genes," B & C are faced with a cast of jerk-offs... er, supervillains such as Dickhead, Cock-Knocker, Diddler, Newsgroup, and the mastermind Lipstick Lesbian in an epic tale of... well, sex and toking up on a phatty spliff. Kevin Smith, through his creations Bluntman and Chronic, shatters such sacred cows (mixed metaphors be damned) as comic book collecting, internet geekdom, and stoner culture, as well as finding a quick moment to poke fun at a certain 'gem' of a distribution company. In "Death Be Not Profitable" (and what a Stan the Man title that is), the villains stage their final, terrible revenge, resulting in the tragic loss of Bluntman's devoted sidekick, Chronic. Well, truth be told, Chronic isn't so devoted. In fact, he's pretty pissed that everyone sees him as just a blunt-toking tagalong, but then...that's what he is, right? Anyway, he would have left if Silent Bob...I'm sorry, Bluntman...hadn't been holding the weed. That's keeping your priorities straight, yo.

Michael Avon Oeming, known to most of us as the artistic power behind Brian Michael Bendis' POWERS, here lends an illustrative hand to Smith's hysterical scripts. But be warned, true believers - this s**t ain't for no little guys. There's plenty of cursing, sexual innuendo (and just 'do), and flat-out filthy repartee to make even the hardest Hell's Angel cringe. But that's what makes it funny! I'd say this is a wake-up call for the superhero-afflicted masses, but that just makes this review sound too gay. And by gay I mean queer. Snoochie-boochies y'all!


Grade: A

Issue: N/A

Author(s): Kevin Smith, Michael Avon Oeming, Pat Garrahy, Neil Vokes, Michael Allred

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $5.95



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