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Book Buzz: Paranormal Man Candy

RITA Award-winning author Kresley Cole delivers another batch of Immortals After Dark.

By Pat Ferrara     May 19, 2008

Dark Desires After Dusk by Kresley Cole(2008).
© Pocket Books

Since emerging from its gothic fiction roots paranormal romance novels have been busy seducing our women and raising their arousal thresholds with alarming efficiency. Their flamboyant covers and over-the-top depictions of supernatural man candy make them easy targets for ridicule, but if human nature has taught us anything it’s that sex does indeed sell. Paranormal romances have become one of the fastest growing trends in the romance genre according to The Romantic Times webzine and this fact is reflected by the slew of steamy new releases coming out this week.

Under the direction of editor Paula Guran Juno Books has brought together some of the best genre writers for the paperback release of Best New Romantic Fantasy 3. Sarah Monette, Delia Sherman and other emerging talent share their sexy stories in this tome alongside Mary Jo Putney’s A Distant Magic and the extremely well-received Dark Desires After Dusk, the fifth installment in Kresley Cole’s wildly popular Immortals After Dark series. Rounding out the paranormal romance offering is the audiobook release of Karen Marie Moning’s The Immortal Highlander, the sixth novel in her NY Times bestselling Highlander series.

The novelization of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is also making its way to the audiobook realm this week courtesy of Random House audio. Amateur spelunker and Sacramento-based veterinarian James Rollins handled the book translation with L.J. Ganser providing the vocals in this unabridged edition.

Like Kresley Cole’s diamond-in-the-ruff showing with Dark Desires, Graham McNeill is another author that stands out amongst his peers. Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40K series, although robust with dozens upon dozens of releases, is admittedly a universe awash in mediocre titles. You wouldn’t know it by McNeill’s Storm of Iron though; it’s an installment that already has critics pushing it to the top of Black Library’s best list. Streamlined in pacing yet still epic in scope, Storm of Iron is guaranteed to please even the most bloodthirsty of space marine enthusiasts.

Last but not least Dover Publications has deservedly resurrected Olaf Stapledon’s Last and First Men and Star Maker in paperback issue for the enjoyment of a new generation. Both written during modern SF’s formative youth in the 1930s, Stapledon’s work has withstood the test of time to become an integral, though often overlooked, base of science fiction. The late Arthur C. Clarke himself praised Stapledon’s Last and First Men by going so far as to say that"No book before or since has ever had such an impact upon my imagination." When in need of a good sci-fi novel hitting the classics is always a safe bet.


New in Hardcover:

Tamarisk: A Novel, Lou Aronica (Volt Press)

Pax Dakota, Ken Rand (Five Star)


New in Paperback:

Last and First Men, Olaf Stapledon (Dover Publications)

 A paperback reprint of the 1930 SF epic.

Star Maker, Olaf Stapledon (Dover Publications)

The Mirrored Heavens, David J. Williams (Spectra)

 Queen of Hearts, Daniel Homan (Prime Books)

Mind the Gap: A Novel of the Hidden Cities, Christopher Golden & Tim Lebbon (Spectra)

Warhammer: Knight Errant, Anthony Reynolds (Games Workshop)

D&D Adventure H1: Keep on the Shadowfell, Bruce Cordell & Mike Mearls (Wizards of the Coast)

 Cordell and Mearls introduce the town of Winterhaven in this adventure handbook. Includes three double-sided poster maps.
A Distant Magic, Mary Jo Putney (Del Rey)

Dark Desires After Dusk, Kresley Cole (Pocket Books)
An alliterative installment from NY Times bestselling author Kresley Cole. Fans of paranormal romance shouldn’t miss this new novel of the Immortals After Dark series.
 Best New Romantic Fantasy 3, Ed. by Paula Guran (Juno Books)
A showcase of established and emerging talent. Includes stories by Sarah Monette, Esther Friesner and Delia Sherman.
The Alarai Chronicles: Exile to the Stars, Dale B. Mattheis (Ardent Publishing)
Warhammer 40K: Storm of Iron, Graham McNeill (Games Workshop)
One of the best of the Black Library.
Star Trek Terok Nor: Dawn of the Eagles, S.D. Perry (Star Trek Books)
Parasite Eve, Hideaki Sena (Vertical Books)
Jon & Lobo: One Jump Ahead, Mark L. Van Name (Baen)
The Ring of Fire: Grantville Gazette 3, Eric Flint (Baen)

 Cosmos Incorporated, Maurice G. Dantec (Del Rey)
 The Best of Jim Baen’s Universe, Ed. by Eric Flint (Baen)
A selection of the best SFF from the online magazine Jim Baen’s Universe. Features work from Mike Resnick, Gene Wolfe, David Drake, Gregory Benford and Esther Friesner.
Dragon Ring, Lettie Prell (Flying Pen Press LLC)
Vaistron, Andrew Dabb & Boussourir (SLG Publishing)
 New in Audiobook:
 The Immortal Highlander, Karen Marie Moning (Brilliance Audio Unabridged)

Narrated by Phil Gigante.

 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, James Rollins (Random House Unabridged)
Narrated by L.J. Ganser.
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LittleNell1824 5/19/2008 10:50:29 AM
I didn't know about paranormal romance novels until recently. I picked up a book in the grocery store that I _thought_ was a paranormal suspense novel (needed what we used to call a "beach novel", something light to read outdoors on the weekend). It was fantastically dirty, but sweet. Loved it. It was "Conspiracy Game" by Christine Feehan. It reminded me a little of Dark Angel (I kept imagining Jensen Ackles in the lead). I don't know if it would win any awards, but I'm thinking of picking up the rest of the "... Game" series.
jedi4sshield 5/20/2008 3:07:16 PM
Holy SH#t I didnt even know Paranormal Romance Novels even existed. still, theres no way I will ever read one! Unless it was Han Solo Princess leia Porn, lol.


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