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AMiSHPiRATE 8/4/2008 6:32:14 AM
is anyone else worried about the privileged rich shelling out more then what some people make in half a decade for five minutes of weightlessness?
zack2366 8/4/2008 8:48:56 AM
this is a joke - with all his money he could do something better with the economy and global warming vs helping the rich - i think inventing better modes of transportation would be a better use of his riches and the money of other billionaires in the world
kaybar 8/4/2008 10:02:21 AM
I don't think $200,000 is really that much to get into space, especially considering that the company predicts that price will go down to below $90,000 within five years of the first flight. Besides rich people have been soliciting the Russian government to take them up for tens of millions since the Apollo missions. zack2366 you should check out Virgin Galactic's website if you're worried about space tourism further affecting the environment; part of Galactic's credo involves environmentalism and stresses the use of renewable resources as opposed to fossil fuels (it was space exploration in the first place that identified climate change here on Earth). If the White Knight Two and SpaceShipTwo designs prove to be safe, over the next handful of decades airliners will start switching to a flight path similar to what Galactic's ships will use, i.e., hyperbolic trajectories that will have planes dip into the outer atmosphere before descending back to their destinations for faster and more efficient global travel.
avidfan 8/5/2008 10:36:16 AM
AMiSHPiRATE and zack2366, your hearts are in the right place, but I am with kaybar on this. Besides, Billy Shatner is on board and my records indicate he has never made a mistake.


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