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Boom: BLACK WIDOW Poster


By Rob M. Worley     March 31, 2010
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Comics2Film: Scarlett Johansson is Black Widow in IRON MAN 2
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Boom! Here's a new 'Iron Man 2' poster featuring the Black Widow. Plus: More on the Millar/'X-Men 4' dust-up. 'Kick-Ass' fun and games. Wright talks 'Scott Pilgrim' and more! Shunning its Godhood and standing with mankind, it's your Comics2Film 10.3.31!





Actor Sam Worthington updated MTV Splash Page on the status of two of his comic-based movie efforts.

"We're putting ['Last Days of American Crime'] together as we speak," Worthington told MTV News. "[Comic creator Rick Remender] is actually doing his take on a draft. I thought that was a smart thing for me and my mates to get him to do, and we're looking for directors — a director who would be able to handle it."

The actor says there are many directors being discussed but it's too early to be naming names.

He also discussed 'Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future'. He was mum on details but suggested that it may follow the storyline laid out by Garth Ennis in the very-recent comics.



CONAN Expert Sold on Momoa

The site has a brief report from the set of 'Conan' filed by one Patrice Louinet who, it turns out, is a renowned Robert E. Howard scholar. He's edited and contributed to several recent editions of Howard's books.

"Got to see Fredrik Malmberg, who showed me a few pics - pre CGI - of [actor] Jason Moma as Conan. Despite this, these pics were enough to convince me a bit more that Momoa is an excellent Conan, as far as his looks is concerned," Louinet  said. "He is very close to the character as described by Howard: he is hairy, dark, scarred and muscular yet lithe, devoid of the body-builder physique syndrome. Really impressive."

Louinet also reports that the actor has been reading the books throughout the filming process.

'Conan' is currently filming in Bulgaria with Marcus Nispel directing.



Wright Talks SCOTT PILGRIM Teaser

Edgar Wright, director of 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World' sat in with Empire Online to give a sort of director commentary on the recently released trailer for the film. Click through for some humor and insights behind the movie.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



More on Millar/Latino Review Squabble

There's been some contentious sniping in the past week or so between comic-creator-turned-movie-mogul Mark Millar and the movie gossip site Latino Review. In this corner we have Millar and his propensity for hyperbole, shamelessly puffing up anything he can into a giant ball of self-promotion. In the opposing corner is an anonymous scooper who can barely string together a sentence, but has been given a platform by the LR to run a couple of snide rants that call Millar out as a liar.

Rich Johnston's Bleeding Cool site has waded in with some actual investigative journalism to help parse through the hate and hype behind some of the recent arguments.

First up, Millar claims he was offered the job writing the script for 'X-Men 4' by 20th Century Fox named Drew Crevello. Latino Review's report responded saying "This is of course bullshit." and says 'X-Men 4' is being worked on by someone in the Bryan Singer camp.

Bleeding Cool took up the challenge and checked in with the named sources at Fox. The truth? Mark Millar's story is not bullshit, nor is it completely accurate. Yes, Fox did talk X-Men with Millar but never offered him a job. Officially there is no 'X-Men 4' movie being worked on, so neither Millar nor anybody else are being offered the job writing it. However, they do like Millar and want to work with him on something in the future.

Another claim batted back and forth is the tracking on 'Kick-Ass'.

Latino Review's report claimed the tracking was "extremely poor" whereas Millar countered saying "it's tracking massive."

Bleeding Cool published the actual tracking reports and, not surprisingly, the truth is in between. Neither poor nor massive, BC characterizes the tracking as "all right-ish" and improving since the recent Lionsgate publicity efforts.

So, in the battle between Mark Millar and Latino Review, as in most conflicts where the opponents are entrenched in extreme points of view, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.



KICK-ASS Superhero Trainer Game

Speaking of 'Kick-Ass', Lionsgate has announced a brand new game on the official Kick-Ass site called Superhero Trainer. The new game gives you a chance to roof jump with Kick-Ass, do target practice with Hit Girl and much more.  Click over and give it a play.

If you make it onto the leader-board for a chance to win one of 25 Kick-Ass prize packs.




The L.A. Times reports that director Dean Parisot is in dicussions to helm an adaptation of M. Zachary Sherman's 2006 graphic novel 'SOCOM: SEAL Team Seven'.

The official synopsis for the Image Comics graphic novel reads like this:

When a submarine is mysteriously downed in the Persian Gulf, CIA tactician Douglas Griffin is reactivated into his former SEAL team to investigate. Simultaneously, a string of mystifying attacks pits the U.S. Navy against the underwater Kingdom of Atlantis in a full-blown war against humanity's extinction. With the threat of global devastation imminent, twisting realities lead the SEALs from Atlantis' 5000 fathoms to the even deeper political waters of our government in this Spy-Fi action thriller!

Parisot is best know to genre fans as the director behind the remarkably appealing 'Galaxy Quest'.



IRON MAN 2 Posters and Hype

Two new posters for 'Iron Man 2' arrived online in the past 24 hours. (that site still exists?) exclusively unveiled the final domestic poster to the film, which is a composition of the same artwork elements seen on the international poster, sans any visual reference to Mickey Rourke's Whiplash.

Then the WonderCon site revealed an exclusive character poster featuring Scarlett Johansson as The Black Widow! The best thing about that bit of eye candy is that you can pick it up free at WonderCon this weekend. Just stop by WonderCon Booth (#242) and grab a copy (but get there early on Friday because C2F has a feeling these are going to go fast!

You want more 'Iron Man 2' stuff?

Click over to promoting the technology event which opens on May 7. Of course, Stark Expo is the fictitious tech conference that we've seen Iron Man touching down at in the film's trailers and May 7 is the opening date of the film.

At the site you'll find numerous design paintings for the crazy buildings and exhibits that are found at Tony Stark's confab, as well as a Stark Industries propaganda video, a look back at the 1974 launch of Stark Expo!


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HudsonTaco 3/31/2010 8:46:21 AM

Wright talking about the Scott Pilgrim is an intereting read. I'm becoming much more intereted in this I also just realized the female ex in the movie is Anne from Arrested Development, and if you are thinking 'Who?" I say exactly.

Rheul_home 3/31/2010 9:48:27 AM

Cant wait for Conan. I'm a little worried about folks that only know him from the comics and movies will be put off by Jason Moma not looking like what they expect.

Wiseguy 3/31/2010 10:52:20 AM

So if Fox didn't offer anyone the job for X4 then Millar was indeed full of shit, as usual. The tracking of KickAss may be more in the middleground but whatever Millar says you always have to assume bullshit and take it with a grain of salt

I was sold Momoa as Conan since I first saw the cat, not on the SG show but pictures on the net. I think he has the looks to pull it off. Now we have to mwait to see if has the acting skills and Nispel the ability to the Cimmerian justice

37 days 10 hours 8 minutes and counting til Iron Man 2

ponyboy76 3/31/2010 11:09:35 AM

Millar is indeed a man, full of ecrement, but he creates a pretty damn good story. I just came back from seeing Kick-Ass and it was pretty damn good. It didn't pop as much as I thought it would, but I think because under the cool action sequences and crazy outfits, there was a pretty serious underlining story at least in terms of the Big Daddy and Hit Girl characters. Chloe Moretz, is going to be a great actress and Nick Cage really did channel Adam West, although, he was kind of creepy in a not cool way. I give it a B.

ponyboy76 3/31/2010 11:10:33 AM

Oh yeah, Scar Jo is fine as Hell as Natasha.

gauleyboy420 3/31/2010 11:15:19 AM

Millar is AWESOME, and Latino Review is consistently hateful and full of shiit themselves...

We ALL know that in Hollywood jobs are offered without them being “Officially offered” so it’s entirely possible that Fox “offere” the writing gig to Millar as he stated, without it being “Official” so NO Millar isn’t full of Shiit on this. I can’t stand the jealousy surrounding Millar. Dude writes GREAT comics, and not just his self-indulgent uber-violent comics. He has written some of the best straight up superhero stories in the last 10 years. If you hate on him, you obviously don’t read his work.
As for his shameless self promotion... THAT’S HOW YOU GET STUFF DONE IN SHOWBIZ! Comic artist/writers don’t make SHIIT ALL for $$$, so Millar is getting out there and making it happen. He obviously doesn’t take himself seriously when he’s hyping himself, he’s doing it right. How many other Comic writers have made movies not based on an existing popular property in the last 10 years,  NONE...

Before you hate on him based on a paragraph you read on a website, do yourself a favor, go read some of his work. AND instead of hating on someone for being successful, say “Good on them” for making it happen. Millar hyping himself is no different from Cameron hyping his movies... Millar just has less resources to do it with.

The tracking with Kick-Ass is more than likely to be what Millar says. The first 4 issues sold out at my shop, and went into numerous re-prints.
The value of the Kick-Ass has almost tripled in only one year... My friend sold his complete run on eBay for $100... to put it into perspective, the face value of the whole run is $28...

Don’t be hatin”


Pony, glad you enjoyed the movie... I loved it.


Make mine Millar

Calibur454 3/31/2010 11:48:25 AM

millar has become one of the top writiers in the comic book world it doesn't surprise me that the haters have started to come out of the woodwork- True millar may not be up there with writers like Alan Moore or Strazynski but he improves with every story he writes and  it just keeps getting better.

SOCOM movie- I let out a groan the moment I read Atlantis. No thank you I'll pass

Black Widow poster- I can pretty much bet there might be a spin off movie for her. If not I would be very surprised. I suppose It could work with the right story.

Scot pilgrim- will be a rental for me

Wiseguy 3/31/2010 11:48:59 AM

I've read quite a few of Millar's works and they don't make me drool. He's an okay writer who did a pretty damn good job with the Ultimates (the first time around), everything else is just okay with lots of violence and curse words which always attracts the juvenile minded.

And whoever paid 100 bucks for the set is a fool unless it included some of the rare variants. The straight up set with original covers sell for much less. And this is for a book with a minimal run over the shop orders, meaninmg the market wasn't flooded with copies like it would've been if it was a company owned book. So let's not get too excited cause some naive shopper overpaid

And Cameron isn't out there hyping his films, the people he let peek at AVATAR were the ones that got the ball rolling.

jfdavis 3/31/2010 12:22:50 PM

Of course there will be a Black Widow movie.  If they're smart, they'll wait until after Avengers to do it (Assuming she'll appear in said movie) to give just that more impetus but it's bound to be better than Elektra (I did like that better than DD...) in any case.  It's far easier doing that than a War Machine movie would be...

Calibur454 3/31/2010 12:34:29 PM

jfdavis- just about any type of spin-off movie will be better than the Elektra movie. :)

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