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thezillaman 8/31/2013 12:12:08 AM

 o.k not gonna lie I still think it's a big of shit, but this trailer did change my mind a bit, just a little bit...

SmokingFrog77 8/31/2013 5:09:16 AM

that actually looks pretty cool....

almostunbiased 8/31/2013 6:04:49 AM

this movie isn't going to win an Oscar and they weren't going for that.  It's an explosion infested shoot 'em up blast fest.  And my guess is there will be some laughs along the way some with and some at the movie.  Looks like a good buddy flick, oh and she is pretty sexy.

BunyonSnipe 8/31/2013 10:18:04 AM

This still looks better than all those italian Mad Max rips off from the 80s and they were fecking AWESOME!!!

Muenster 9/1/2013 5:24:06 PM

Seems kind of counter productive for corporations to lay waste to the societies that fund them and keep them in power, but there's no use in trying to figure out the entertainment industry's hatred of making money. (O_o)?

Has a kind of Running Man feel to it... Might be mayhem and destruction fun.



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