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Bowman spills it on REIGN OF FIRE, X-FILES 2 hopes

X-FILES director takes on dragons, and reveals wish to direct another X-FILES movie

By Christopher Allan Smith and Scott Collura     June 18, 2002

Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey face off in REIGN OF FIRE
© 2002 Touchstone Pictures

In the latest issue of CINESCAPE magazine, REIGN OF FIRE director Rob Bowman (X-FILES: FIGHT THE FUTURE, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION) talked to us about his latest, a the tale of dragons overtaking a future Earth.

"The idea which I found most compelling was having people overcome these conditions and circumstances," said the director. "[To] figure out a way to survive, and every moment of every day is a new challenge. It is a story of survival and the dragons just make it seem impossible. And people in crisis, especially perpetual crisis [that] brings a lot of interesting qualities out of people. You certainly find out who people are when they're thrown into a 9/11 situation. Those elements made [the film] very interesting to me."

He also talked about what drew him to the project, which pits Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale against thousands of fire breathing dragons.

"The central idea behind the movie was putting dragons in a realistic scenario," said Bowman. "It's only post-apocalyptic because the dragons cause so much trouble. It actually starts out present day, then there's a cataclysmic event. We go forward 20 years [and] during that 20-year time period there's been an apocalypse that's the result of dragons procreating at an exponential rate."

When asked about his old stomping grounds, Bowman said he'd love the chance to direct the second X-FILES film.

"That decision is up to [X-FILES creator] Chris [Carter]," said Bowman. "I would certainly love to work with all of those people again, and if he elects to ask me, schedule permitting, I would absolutely love to do it. And if he chooses not to call me, that's fine also... It really has much more to do with how much I love the show," he says. "I think I'm going to be fine in terms of movie selection and by the time [X-FILES 2] happens, I would have had two more movies under my belt and hopefully established myself securely in the feature world. Do you think it's a backwards step for Spielberg to do installments of the INDIANA JONES [films]? I don't. I'm not Steven Spielberg, but I don't think anybody slights him for it. I would be compelled because of how much I want to work with Chris and David [Duchovney] and Gillian [Anderson], and I think those stories are always just so super fun and cool. And as long as it still provides a directorial challenge for me, why not?"

For the full story, pick up this month's CINESCAPE magazine.

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