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Box Office Finals: Defeat on the BATTLEFIELD

Sci-fi flick falls below expectations; GLADIATOR still rules.

By Steve Biodrowski     May 16, 2000
Source: Variety

The debut of BATTLEFIELD EARTH was even less auspicious than predicted. John Travolta's campy sci-fi flick took in $11.55-million over the weekend, as opposed to the $12.3-million that had been estimated. That was good enough for 2nd place, but GLADIATOR did more than twice as good in 1st, amassing $24.65-million, about $300,000 ahead of yesterday's estimates. Also defying predictions was FREQUENCY, which landed in 4th, not 6th place; the film earned $4.93-million, about $200,000 more than was expected. That was enough to put it ahead of THE FLINTSTONES IN VIVA ROCK VEGAS and CENTER STAGE. The two films had finished in what seemed like a dead heat for 4th place. Instead, FLINSTONES wound up in 5th with $4.64-million, while CENTER STAGE had to settle for 6th with $4.60-million.

Other than that, it was a slow weekend for science fiction, horror, and fantasy films. The only other genre items to earn over $1-million were FINAL DESTINATION and THE ROAD TO EL DORADO. The New Line horror flick took in $1.11-million; the DreamWorks animated epic managed $1.04-million. Of interest to X-FILES fans: the David Duchovny starrer RETURN TO ME took in $1.14-million, good enough for 16th place; with a total of $29.02, the film should just slouch past the $30-million mark.

In the exclusive release arena, Miramax's modernization of HAMLET, directed by Michael Almareyda (he of the b&w vampire flick NADIA) earned $62,000 on only three screens, for a solid per screen average of just under $21,000. Also of minor note, Imax has three films in limited release that managed to place in the Top 60: T-REX, THE MAGIC BOX, JOURNEY OF MAN.

Below are the final results for this weekend's science fiction, horror, and fantasy films. Totals are given in millions of dollars.

Battlefield Earth (2) 11.55/11.55
Frequency (4) 4.93/24.52
Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas (5) 4.64/24.41
Final Destination (17) 1.11/49.76
The Road to El Dorado (18) 1.04/49.11
American Beauty (23) .307/129.36
Scream 3 (24) .280/88.36
American Psycho (28) .199/13.61
Pitch Black (29) .173/38.89
Toy Story 2 (31) .154/244.79
T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous (32) .151/29.22
Siegfried and Roy: The Magic Box (39) .073/3.08
Alien Adventure (40) .069/.784
Cirque Du Soleil: Journey of Man (43) .063/.142
Hamlet (44) .062/062
Bicentennial Man (58) .037/58.15
The Green Mile (60) .035/136.80


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