Box Office Finals: DESTINATION Leads Passed EL DORADO. -

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Box Office Finals: DESTINATION Leads Passed EL DORADO.

By Steve Biodrowski     April 25, 2000
Source: Daily Variety

The final box office tallies yielded little excitement for fans of science fiction, horror and fantasy. As expected, only ROAD TO EL DORADO and FINAL DESTINATION wound up in the Top 10, while AMERICAN PSYCHO dropped to 11th place with a meager $2.7-million in its sophomore weekend. The film's total is now $9.73; fortunately, as a modestly budgeted independent production, it doesn't have a long journey to reach profitability. Meanwhile, in the race for 9th place DESTINATION (with $2.76-million) was the winner by a nose, barely edging out THE SKULLS, which took the #10 position (with $2.71), with a difference of just less than $50,000. That brought DESTINATION's total to $42.6-million, just passing EL DORADO.

Here are the weekend's genre films that made the list of the weekend's earners. Amounts are given in millions of dollars:

The Road to El Dorado (7) 5.23/41.92
Final Destination (9) 2.76/42.60
American Psycho (11) $2.71/9.73
Fantasia 2000 (14) 1.94/45.80
American Beauty (16) 1.3/126.96
Mission to Mars (20) .384/58.79
Toy Story 2 (21) .365/243.91
The Green Mile (25) .216/136.42
Bicentennial Man (29) .186/57.74
The Sixth Sense (30) .162/293.24
Stuart Little (32) .153/139.63
Galaxy Quest (36) .137/71.23
The Ninth Gate (37) .136/18.29
T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous (38) .109/28.51
The Tigger Movie (41) .101/44.44
Alien Adventure (55) .050/.537
Being John Malkovich (60) .034/22.80


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