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Box Office Finals: Dinos Take Huge Bite of Ticket Sales

BATTLEFIELD EARTH retreats to 6th place.

By Steve Biodrowski     May 23, 2000
Source: Variety

When the final numbers were tallied, it was clearly a slow weekend for science fiction, horror and fantasy at the box office, with only a handful of films earning more than $1-million; or at least, it was a slow weekend if you don't count Disney's DINOSAUR, which debuted with $38.85-million, more than twice as much as all other genre films combined. The film eeked just ahead of yesterday's estimated earnings of $38.6-million.

Only three other genre films earned over $1-million during the weekend; all of them ended up in the Top 10. In 5th place, FREQUENCY took in $4.34-million, bringing its total to $30.37. After apparently being in a tie with SMALL TIME CROOKS, BATTLEFIELD EARTH emerged as the clear winner of 6th place, earning $3.92-million, about $100,000 ahead of yesterday's estimates; the news was not good, however; as the film's total after two weekends in release stands at a meager $18.26. The last Top 10 entry was THE FLINSTONES IN VIVA ROCK VEGAS. The stone-age family saw their revenues plummet to near extinction after the release of DINOSAUR; the comedy earning $2.54, bringing its total to $27.83.

Below is a complete list for the weekend's science fiction, horror, and fantasy films' box office revenues. Totals are given in millions of dollars:

Dinosaur (1) 38.85/38.85
Frequency (5) 4.34/30.37
Battlefield Earth (6) 3.92/18.26
Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas (10) 2.54/27.83
Final Destination (18) .683/50.84
Mission to Mars (27) .302/59.54
American Beauty (30) .193/129.69
Road to El Dorado (31) .183/49.49
Toy Story 2 (32) .181/245.02
Cirque du Soleil Journey of Man (33) .178/.461
T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous (35) .139/29.37
Scream 3 (36) .131/88.65
American Psycho (39) .100/13.79
Hamlet (40) .099/.197
Pitch Black (41) .089/39.03
Siegfried and Roy: The Magic Box (43) .072/3.19
Alien Adventure (44) .070/.879
Bicentennial Man (55) .034/58.19


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