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Box Office Finals: The Past Rules

GLADIATOR, FLINSTONES exceed expectations.

By Steve Biodrowski     May 10, 2000
Source: Variety

It was nostalgia time at the box office, with the Top 4 films all in some way connected to the past, either recent, historical, or prehistorical. Contrary to standard operating procedure, the weekend's #1 film, Gladiator, actually did better than predicted. Studio estimaes yesterday pegged the film's opening gross at $32.7-million; instead, Ridley Scott's Roman epic wound up with $34.82-million. Also defying expectations was The Flintsones in Viva Rock Vegas, which ended up in 3rd place (behind the WWII pic U-571) with $6.64-million; the prehistoric comedy had been predicted to end up with $6.3-million, putting it in 4th place. Instead, that slot went to the time travel thriller Frequency, whose estimates came in right on the money, with $6.52-million.

That was it for science fiction, horror, and fantasy films in the Top 10. The only other genre item to earn over $1-million during the weekend was New Line's perennial, Final Destination, which added another $1.63-million to its coffers, bringing its total to $48.16-million. One other minor note: Now that Disney's Fantasia 2000 has vacated Imax screens (in preparation for a wide release this summer), the overlooked Siegfried and Roy: The Magic Box has crept back back into the Top 50 chart. The large format, 3-D extravaganze earned just over $68,000, bringing its cume in limited engagement up to $2.97-million.

Final results for the weekend's science fiction, horror, and fantasy films are listed below. Amounts are given in millions of dollars:

The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (3) 6.64/18.64
Frequency (4) 6.52/17.85
Final Destination (12) 1.63/48.16
The Road to El Dorado (14) .908/47.77
American Psycho (19) .442/13.22
American Beauty (20) .429/128.84
Pitch Black (25) .188/38.69
Toy Story 2 (27) .163/244.58
Scream 3 (29) .153/88.02
T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous (31) .128/28.93
The Ninth Gate (33) .111/18.53
Siegfried and Roy: The Magic Box (43) .068/2.967
Mission to Mars (44) .066/59.16
Alien Adventure (46) .064/.684
The Green Mile (47) .061/136.74
Bicentennial Man (51) .055/58.08
The Sixth Sense (56) .036/293.48
The Tigger Movie (60) .028/44.57


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