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Box Office: 'Hancock' rocks, comics rule

    July 07, 2008

The weekend box office is crowded with superheroes with an amazing four pictures in the current top 12  and two more comic based films on the way.

'Hancock' while not based on a comic book provides a skewed view of the 'Superman' story, recasting the strange visitor as an L.A. bum in the form of Will Smith. It was a compelling enough hook to reenforce Smith's rep as Mr. Fourth O'July, coming in at #1 and talling up a whopping $66 million. The move enjoyed an early start on Monday, so its total gross is now at $107 million.

America's favorite R-Rated comics adapataiton, 'Wanted' continues to perform. It dropped one spot to #3, taking in another $20.6 million. It now has grossed a total of about $90.8 million domestically.

'The Incredible Hulk' also slipped one spot, falling to #6. The weekend receipts of about $5 million bring its total domestic box office to $124.9 million in its fourth week of release. The good news there is that the film has finally out-performed its predecessior, 2003's 'Hulk' which had gathered $124.6 million in its fourth week.

Finally, 'Iron Man' is proving as tenacious as ever, taking in another $1.5 million, and falling only one spot to #12.

These hereos will compete with 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army', opening this week, and 'The Dark Knight' which promises to be the summer event of the year, opening the following week.


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