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Box Office: INDY Cuts into CITY Victory

It was a battle of demographics at the box office.

By Jarrod Sarafin     June 01, 2008

Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker in SEX AND THE CITY(2008).
© Warner Bros.' New Line

It was a case of extreme ends in the demographic spectrum this week at the box office and as such, the results show a case of how that translated to cash receipts. The film which took the #1 spot did so because it won by a certain margin on Friday alone while the film which took the #2 spot did so because it won overall on Saturday and Sunday, despite losing for the weekend.

Different demographics, difference victories.

Landing into the top spot for this box office report is the big screen adaptation of the cable series Sex and the City. The New Line film opened in 3,285 theaters and scored $55.7 mil at the box office in a clear sign that despite being off the air for some years, it still has a following. When you consider that the budget is only $65 mil, this kind of opening spells success for WB’s New Line. For Friday, it nearly doubled Indy’s numbers but that’s where the victory ended.

For Saturday and Sunday, the top leader of the box office was Paramount’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Despite pulling in $100.3 mil last weekend (and $151 over the five day haul), the fourth adventure still fought for the top spot this time around and still managed pulling in another $46.0 mil in its second weekend. This is a 54% drop but as said above, it had $101 in its debut. To think it’s going to be anywhere that in its second weekend is not realistic. Paramount is likely celebrating the fact that the film still managed to win two days this weekend as well. Going for the top spot of the 2008 earners, Indy is now set at $216.8 mil domestically and another $146.9 mil internationally (last weekend, this weekend’s foreign numbers are not in yet). Overall, it has a budget of $185 and a worldwide gross of $363.8 mil.

Following in 3rd place is the final new wide release of the weekend, Rogue Pictures’ thriller The Strangers. The Liv Tyler-led film opened in 2,467 theaters and tallied up $20.7 mil for its first three days of distribution. This means it averaged a respectable $8,393 per showing with audiences. Not bad at all when considering the streak of bad luck horror films have had lately and seeing what it had for competition this weekend. Also, it had a budget of only $9 mil. Rogue, like usual, knows how to keep their budgets low and it shows them nearly doubling their money after just 3 days of release.

Following in 4th place is the #1 Film of 2008 so far, Paramount’s Iron Man. As said last weekend, Paramount is clear front running studio with its Iron and Indy successes. Despite being out for 5 weeks through a heavily saturated May schedule, the film still managed 4th this weekend by pulling in another $14.0 mil on its 3,650 theaters. Paramount and Favreau kept the budget line at $140 mil and has grossed $505.0 mil worldwide in 31 days of release. The numbers are nearly divided between the two regions but domestic has the edge with $276.6 mil. Foreign is currently at $228.4 mil but this weekend’s international numbers are not yet in.

The Chronicles of Narnia sequel Prince Caspian lands in 5th place for this report and as mentioned earlier in the week, it still isn’t managing numbers which Disney appreciates. For their part, they’re blaming themselves for putting the movie in May when it likely would have been better for the Winter 2007 season. In its third week of release, the $200 mil budgeted film pulled in another $13.0 mil on its 3,801 theaters across the nation. In 17 days of release, the film has grossed $166.9 mil worldwide, $115.6 mil of it being domestic and another $51.2 mil foreign. In comparison, the original film had grossed $153 mil domestically by its third weekend of release.

Four weeks into its alternative-minded release, Fox’s What Happens in Vegas is still showing in 3,086 theaters and is still managing decent returns. The film landed in 6th place by taking in another $6.8 mil this weekend and tacking onto its domestic gross of $66.0 mil. The studio kept the budget low at just $35 mil so this film is in the black and that’s not bad at all when thinking of its competition, which it routinely beat throughout its release (Speed Racer).

The rest of the films only managed $2.5 or lower.

Universal is likewise sticking in the top 10 with its Tina Fey feature Baby Mama still pulling in $2.2 mil in its 6th week of release. The film is showing on 1,784 theaters and its overall domestic gross is at $56.1, again not bad for a film marked with a budget of only $30 mil.

And now it’s time to continue discussing the first relative bomb of the high octane box office season, Warner Bros.’ Speed Racer. The Wachowski-led production has never been higher than 3rd place since opening and this weekend, it finds itself dropping 3 slots to 8th place and managing only $2.1 at the box office, despite being shown in 2,070 theaters across the nation. In 4 weeks of release, the $120 mil budgeted CG film has only grossed $40.5 domestically and another $30.0 mil in foreign territories. It still has another 50 mil to go before its worldwide gross matches its basic budget (not including advertising costs, etc).

The final 2 films of this report are romantic comedies which have eclipsed their budget lines for Sony and Universal. Made of Honor lands in 9th place by taking in another $2.0 mil at the ticket counters this weekend and this has its overall domestic gross at $42.9 mil, just over its $40 pricetag. Meanwhile, Universal’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall, follows in 10th place by taking another $1.0 mil in its 7th week of release. The film, which has a budget of $30 mil, has grossed $60.4 mil domestically so far.

Weekend $
Total $
Sex and the City
$55.7 mil
$55.7 mil
Indiana Jones 4
$46.0 mil
$216.8 mil
The Strangers
$20.7 mil
$20.7 mil
Iron Man
$14.0 mil
$276.6 mil
Prince Caspian
$13.0 mil
$115.6 mil
What Happens in Vegas
$6.8 mil
$66.0 mil
Baby Mama
$2.2 mil
$56.1 mil
Speed Racer
$2.1 mil
$40.5 mil
Made of Honor
$2.0 mil
$42.9 mil
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
$1.0 mil
$60.4 mil
Overall Numbers for Summer Tent Poles

Iron Man Numbers:

Budget: $140 mil
Opening: $98.6 mil
$276.6 mil
Foreign: $228.4 mil
Worldwide: $505.0 mil so far

Indiana Jones 4 Numbers:

Budget: $185 mil
$100.3 mil
$216.8 mil

Foreign: $146.9 mil
$363.8 mil so far.


Prince Caspian Numbers:

Budget: $200 mil
Opening: $55.0 mil
$115.6 mil
Foreign: $51.2 mil
Worldwide: $166.9 mil

Speed Racer Numbers:

Budget: $120 mil
Opening: $18.5 mil
Domestic: $40.5 mil
Foreign: $30.0 mil
Worldwide: $70.5 mil

Friday June 6, 2008 Releases:


Kung Fu Panda (3,600 theaters)

You Don’t Mess with the Zohan (3,300+ theaters)

Miss Conception
Mother of Tears
The Promotion

When Did You Last See Your Father


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hanso 6/1/2008 3:14:36 PM
1 quick thing off topic: Kimbo Slice son!!!! He bombed that dude's left ear followed up with some nasty combinations and that was that for that poor soul. That's it for me, I'm officially retiring all Slice references from my part in all future posts. Ok now back to this, I didn't go to the movies this weekend, not interested in seeing Sex & the City. I'll be back next weekend to check out the Zohan, that shit looks funny. Impressive that Indy won Saturday & Sunday, I wonder if the numbers it's getting mean sequel and when they can schedule it. Spielberg has a couple of films coming out like TinTin & the Lincoln movie up next. Now probably for the last time i give you: KIMBO SLICE SON!!!!!!!!!!!
Wiseguy 6/1/2008 4:10:26 PM
I guees all the women went Friday to see Sex and the ones that didn't couldn't get the family to join them sat and sun.<BR /><BR />How about IronMan, beating out the Prince even though it's been out longer. The surprise mega-hit of the year so far.<BR />Indy, I'm sure will surpass IM within 2-3 weeks. Paramount execs. must be dancing on their desks.<BR /><BR />Speed continues its downward spiral. I'm surprised that J.Silver was still talking about a possible sequel or is he just trying to downplay the huge bomb it's turned out to be so far.<BR /><BR />5 comedies out of the top ten.<BR /><BR />I guess next week I'll pay to see a Sandler film for the first time, that's unless I opt for the Panda instead of the Zohan.<BR /><BR />hanso, you can't give up on Kimbo, at least until he loses.<BR /><BR />
akiraakobus 6/1/2008 4:19:16 PM
"How about IronMan, beating out the Prince even though it's been out longer. The surprise mega-hit of the year so far. Indy, I'm sure will surpass IM within 2-3 weeks. Paramount execs. must be dancing on their desks." Yeah I agree this must be pleasing news for Paramount who is really starting to corner the Summer Market Blockbuster wise, I mean last year it was Transformers (Which Spielberg Produced and was a huge hit), now Iron Man and Indiana Jones 4 are huge successes, and next Summer it will be the eagerly anticipated Transformers 2.
almostunbiased 6/1/2008 4:59:47 PM
Iron Man is the best movie out right now. It's also the best movie of the year.<BR />I knew Indy would make serious cash, but it won't be a DVD I'll be buying, unless of course my kids want it. It is a good kid movie. Just not made for adults like the first three.<BR />Lucas doesn't make adult movies anymore.
Clownican 6/1/2008 5:08:39 PM
This summer is the first summer in a long time where there is multiple comedy movies I want to see. Zohnan, Step Brothers, Pineapple Express, The Love Guru, Tropic Thunder, Hancock (tho not really an all out comedy). Lets not forget about the two animated movies which look to be equally good comedys (Kung-Fu Panda & Wall-E). Last year I only wanted to see two comedys the entire year. (Superbad & Knocked Up). Really the only two other movies I want to see are The Dark Knight & Hulk. Then I can wait for the new Bond film. Still looks to be a better summer than last year... for me anyways. Glad to see Indy doing well, I enjoyed it thoroughly although I do rank it #4 out of all the films and thank god Iron Man is doing great. Marvel is showing DC how its done. But lets be honest it probably not really the heads at DC that are screwing up here.. its the idiots a WB. WB need to give DC its own production studio so they can do the things Marvel is doing. I want to see cameos in my DC flicks please. Let people be aware that these super-heroes live in a universe with other super-heroes. Ok enough rambling on......
wessmith1966 6/1/2008 5:10:33 PM
I was a good boyfriend and did the double date thing to go see Sex and the City. The best part of the evening was the sushi we had for dinner. The movie bored me, although I must admit that it had a couple of somewhat funny lines. My girlfriend loved it and I got points for being on my best behavior all night (it wasn't easy though because the other couple were just plain twits who I doubt have had an original thought in their entire lives). Unless the kids want to see Panda this weekend, I doubt I'll go to the theater this weekend; Zohan just looks dumb to me. Has anyone seen Bloodline? It's not playing anywhere near me.
Hobbs 6/1/2008 5:48:41 PM
The box office pretty much looked like everyone expected. The chicks are going to push Sex and the city over the 200 mil mark but hey they deserve a summer blockbuster too. Zohan does look dumb but what Sandler movie didn't look dumb before I'm sure it will be funny stupid like his other ones. I wouldn't knock WB, they have Dark Knight coming out and rebooting that franchise was the smartest thing they did. I personally hated the Michael Keaton movies so its good to see Nolan getting it right. I'm glad Indy is doing well not like Ford, Spielberg, and Lucas needed the money but if that is the last one I'm glad to see they go out with a movie that most loved. I agree about the DVD not interested in owning that one and you are correct Lucas doesn't make adult movies anymore. Though lets be honest, Temple of Doom with the 10 year old karate kicking guards and the Last Crusade isn't exactly adult content. One of you guys said last week that LUcas is a genius and a guy that has lost touch with his audience...his adult audience that is. I'm surprised at the overwelming amount of Kids that like an old Indy especially with the way the middle of that movie dragged. I'm more intersted in seeing what the Hulk does. THe Lee movie soured the milk for me and I'm not going to see that and a lot of people I know feel the same way so I'll be curious to see how that does.
hanso 6/1/2008 6:02:43 PM
Hobbs you must be hitting the ickiest of the icky if you think chics are gonna make Sex & the City into a $200 mil flick unless you mean worldwide that I might see.
wessmith1966 6/1/2008 6:23:27 PM
Sex and the City won't make $200 million. The movie will probably drop a lot next weekend. The people that wanted this move badly saw it this weekend. It was a good date movie, but I don't think it's a movie that people will go see multiple times. I think it'll eventually make over $100 million in the theaters because it is a date movie and an alternative to action/adventure films. Hobbs, don't let your dislike of Ang Lee's Hulk stop you from going to see the new film; they're completely different films. Hell, Hulk even looks different in the film. Just put Lee's version out of your mind and go see the new film with an open mind. I think we're going to get the good, fun, popcorn munching super hero film that we didn't get the first time around. Yes, Lee's film definitely had its merits, but I still think it took itself a little too seriously. Plus, it had those damn laughable gamma dogs and pop Banner's Absorbing Man-type monster thingie at the end.
Hobbs 6/1/2008 6:39:56 PM
hanso, you better believe I've been hitting the ickiest of the icky this weekend! LOL maybe 200 mil was a stretch by a long shot but I'm sticking with it. As wessmith said, its an alternative to the normal summer weekend will tell. If it only drops 35-40% I think I have a good shot. wessmith, I'll wait to hear what you guys have to say about Incredible Hulk before I make up my mind. I mean, I really hated the first time around. That's still the only movie I got up and left half way thru. Having loved the comic growing up I may be willing to give it a try if it stays true to the comics like Iron Man did. I won't be there opening weekend but if everyone is high on this movie like they were IM after they saw it I may check it out.
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