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Box Office Report: CASPIAN Scores Victory for Disney

With Iron Man following in 2nd with good numbers.

By Jarrod Sarafin     May 18, 2008

British actor Ben Barnes is set to star as PRINCE CASPIAN(2008).
© Disney

Last summer’s box office season kicked off with a wild beginning as Spider-Man 3 entered the fray in 4,252 theaters and hauled 151.1 mil in tickets for a nice debut. It would go onward to win the second weekend in release by earning another 58.1 mil at the box office against newcomer 28 Weeks Later. This summer looks to be echoing the same effect with Iron Man premiering the first weekend of May in 4,105 theaters with 98.6 mil and going to win its second weekend---against Speed Racer---with another 51.1 mil in sales.

So, Spider-Man 3 kicked off the season with success and now, Iron Man has followed the next year. What will the next year’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine do, I wonder, since yet another comic adaptation seems ready to kick off next summer’s tent pole season…

Hello Maniacs and welcome to the latest Mania Box Office report. While Iron Man is still obviously doing very well, it didn’t win this weekend with the debut of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian hitting 3,929 theaters, and of course Iron already being out for three weekends.

Disney and Walden Media’s next Narnia film pulled in a decent debut in the 1st place spot with it taking in 56.5 mil on 3,929 theaters across the nation. This means it averaged a respectable $14,398 per showing for audiences. These are good numbers but not as good as the first installment in the Disney franchise, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which debuted on less screens (3,616) but still managed a 65.5 mil bow in December of 05. Still, a decent debut is a decent debut and the sequel will likely do just as well as the original film, which went onward to gross 291.7 mil domestically and another 453.0 mil internationally.

Paramount’s Iron Man follows the Disney flick in 2nd place for this report with it hauling in another 31.2 mil on its 4,154 theaters. Yes, even in its third weekend at the box office, the film is still averaging $7,510 per showing with audiences who either haven’t seen it yet or audiences who have seen it, just not enough. The first film---of a planned franchise---has now grossed 222.4 mil domestically and another 165.1 mil in foreign territories. Basically, a worldwide gross of 387.5 mil on a budget of 140 mil. Not bad at all for Paramount, just 17 days into their theatrical schedule.

The clear alternative choice for couples not viewing genre franchises (like Narnia, Speed, and Iron) lands into 3rd place with What Happens in Vegas. The film opened last weekend in second place, even beating Speed’s debut and this weekend, it drops a place(still beating Speed) by taking in another 13.8 mil on its 3,255 theaters. In two weeks of release, it has grossed 40.3 mil on a budget of just 35. Another success for Fox.

As indicated above, Speed Racer went from its debuting 3rd spot to 4th this weekend by taking in only 7.6 mil this weekend. What seems clear from this is that Warner Bros. and the Wachowski brothers are in a bit of a financial jam here. In two weekends of release, the anime adaptation has managed only 24.3 mil domestically but the bill for this (not including advertising) is at 120 million. Clearly, we seem to already have our first “miss” for the summer season. Or it’s going to take a mighty big turnaround to manage to overcome these financial dismal first weekends.

Universal has also taken advantage of alternative programming entertainment with its Tina Fey film Baby Mama still enjoying the middle of the pack. Last weekend, it hit 5th and this weekend is no different. The film grabbed another 4.5 mil this weekend and its domestic gross is now at 47.2 mil while its budget is only 30.

Following in 6th place is the romantic comedy Made of Honor, which tallied another 4.5 mil this weekend in its 2,816 theaters. The film isn’t doing that bad for Sony even if’s taking sometime to hit its 40 mil budget mark. So far, it has grossed 33.7 mil in three weeks of release.

The latest comedy from team Apatow continues its moderate success, due to the fact that his team always manages to keep their budgets low. Forgetting Sarah Marshall lands in 7th place this weekend, dropping only one place from last weekend, in its fifth weekend of release while pulling in another 2.5 mil in sales. The budget is only 30 mil and it has grossed 55.0 mil thus far.

Speaking of keeping budgets low, it’s hard to get any lower than Harold and Kumar’s sequel for Warner Bros’ New Line. They managed to keep their sequel’s budget to Saw-like proportions with only a 12 mil price tag and that has guaranteed their profit with a domestic gross of 33.9 mil.

Lionsgate follows in 9th place with their Jackie Chan-Jet Li team-up The Forbidden Kingdom pulling in another 1.0 mil this weekend. Not much, I know. The bottom of this report seems to be suffering from most audiences going after the select choices up near the top of this report. Entering its fifth weekend of release, the film has grossed 50.2 mil so far.

Taking the final 10th place is Overture Films’ The Visitor moving up three places from last weekend and pulling in $687,000 in ticket sales. Considering the film is only showing in 224 theaters around the country, that’s not bad for the indie distributor. It has a domestic gross of only 3.4 mil in domestic sales for the past 6 weeks of it’s release.


The Chronicles of Narnia:Prince Caspian

56.5 mil
56.5 mil

Iron Man

31.2 mil
222.4 mil

What Happens in Vegas

13.8 mil
40.3 mil

Speed Racer

7.6 mil
24.3 mil

Baby Mama

4.5 mil
47.2 mil

Made of Honor

4.5 mil
33.7 mil

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

2.5 mil
55.0 mil

Harold & Kumar 2

1.8 mil
33.9 mil

The Forbidden Kingdom

1.0 mil
50.2 mil

The Visitor

687 k
3.4 mil

Thursday May 22, 2008 Release:


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (3,900+ theaters)


The Edge of Heaven


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