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The Heroic Trio open with $40.5-million; BLAIR WITCH 2 takes a dive.

By Steve Biodrowski     November 05, 2000

Columbia's Charlie's Angels finally put an end to the four-week reign of Universal's Meet the Parents at the box office. The fantasy-adventure, about three female private eyes who fly through the air with the greatest of ease while kicking bad-guy butt, opened in #1 with an impressive $40.5-million (nearly as much as the next five films combined) in just over 3,000 engagements, giving the film an impressive per screen average of slighlty more than $13,300. As for future earnings, the results of two Fandom polls would seem to bode well. The first, conducted on Friday, asked how eager browsers were to see the film. Out of 171 responses, 16% wanted to see the film opening weekend, and another 22% wanted to see the film as soon as possible, while 29% had no interest in seeing the film at all; the remainder were divided between waiting for discount screenings or video and television outlets.

Presumably, the large percentage who didn't want to see the film were basing their opinion on prejudices regarding the old TV series, because a follow-up poll on Saturday-Sunday, asking browsers to grade the film, showed that those who actually had seen it tended to be favorable in their response. Out of 96 responses, 40% gave the film an A, indicating they would enjoy seeing it again, and another 14% gave it a B, indicating they would recommend it to their friends, while 27% gave the film an F; in other words, those with a strong positive reaction outnumbered those with a strong negative reaction exactly 2-to-1. (The remainder of the votes were divided between C for Fair and D for Poor.) Using a numerical system (4 for A, 3 for B, etc) that gives the film a total score of 226 and an average score of 2.4 (or just shy of a C+, which is a bit misleading, as the reactions to the film seem to be more love-it/hate-it than middle of the road).

Meanwhile, Meet the Parents dropped to 2nd. place, and the weekend's other big opener, the DreamWorks-Fox co-production The Legend of Bagger Vance, had to settle for 3rd. As for science fiction, horror, and fantasy films in the Top Ten, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 suffered an expected fall-off, dropping 60% in its earnings and falling from 2nd to 5th place, with a weekend take of $5.3-million. Fox's Bedazzled dropped from 4th to 6th place with $4.7-million, down 40% from the previous frame. And New Line's The Little Vampire fell from 6th to 8th with $3.6-million, a decline of 37%.

Below are studio estimates for the weekend's Top Ten films. Final figures will be posted tomorrow.

U.S. Box Office Top Ten 11/3 to 11/5/2000
1.Charlie's Angels $40.5-million
2.Meet the Parents$13.1-million
3.The Legend of Bagger Vance $12.0-million
4.Remember the Titans$7.0-million
5.Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2$5.3-million
7.Pay It Forward$4.4-million
8.The Little Vampire$3.5-million
9.Lucky Numbers$2.2-million
10.The Legend of Drunken Master$1.6-million

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