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spiderhero 2/24/2013 10:04:10 AM

Republicans should never buy books written by Democrats & vise-versa.

Men who think a woman's place is in the home cooking food should never buy books writen by women.

Comics companies should put a picture of the writer & illustrators on the cover of every book that way racists will be able to avoid buying books with someone on the creative team that offends them.

Tree huggers should just never buy a comic for obvious reasons.

This is the solution for everything.

karas1 2/24/2013 10:28:18 AM

People find ways to seperate themselves into groups.  It's what we do and I'm pretty sure it's an instinct of some kind.  For most of human history we lived in small groups or tribes that competed for territory and resources.  If the River Tribe were poaching wild goats on the Mountain Tribe's territory then the Mountain People might starve during the winter and the tribes would go to war.  It was important to know which tribe you belonged to.  And it was important to hate the "others" who's very existence might threaten your life.

We currently divide ourselves by nationality, by race, by religion, by sexual preference, by whether you like the Yankees or the Red Sox and whether you prefer Star Trek or Star Wars.  And by a thousand other ways too. 

We rank these differences as of varrying importance.  The Beatles fans aren't going to war against the Rolling Stones fans any time soon (though sports rivalries frequently do get violent).  In the USA race is still important, but it's a whole lot less important than it used to be.  In the area where I live, religion used to be a non factor until religious extremests started blowing stuff up.  People need new ways in which to divide themselves into tribes, a new "us" to belong to vs a new "them".  Sexual preference is the latest in thing.

In a generation or two everybody will get used to their neighbors having a wide variety of sexual preferences and who you want to have sex with will seem about as important as whether you prefer vanilla ice cream or chocolate (or maybe you're one of those freaky raspberry sherbert people.  Yuck!)

Then it will be the naturals vs the genetically engineered people or the Earthborn vs the people born on the moon colony or some such nonsense.

Humans will continue to subdivide themselves until our neighbors from Alpha Century show up to provide a new "them" for humans as a whole to be an "us" against.  And even then people will still divide themselves into those who like ketchup or mustard on their hot dogs.  It just won't seem that important anymore.

shac2846 2/24/2013 10:47:27 AM

 Caveman what is the number of abortion clinics bombed compared to suicide bombings by "extremists" throughout the world. People have tried that argument and it's not even comparable. Some nut goes off the reservation and shoots an abortion doctor or bombs a clinic there are so few cases. Yet most major news networks put entire crews in just about every middle eastern country that will allow to be ready when shit pops off.  

Kaziklu 2/24/2013 11:14:06 AM

 Shac North American and European society is secularlized. 

During Islamic Control over Spain there were several attempts by Christians to start revolutions, but all failed because Islamic law and society was better for people then Christian controled society of that period. 

It wasn't until heavily armed foreign powers took over Islamic nations that extreme measures occured. The IRA did waged a significant war with Bombings as well. Suicide Bombings weren't the norm, and that is a cultural difference. 

Most Islamic Extremists see them selves fighting in the same way the IRA did against the English. The Middle East is much more Theocratic in nature then modern Secular Europe as such religion is brought into things much less. 

Islamic Extremist are not a reflection on the Islamic religion, any more then Christian Extremists are of Christian religion. 

What the Abortion Clinc bombing and shootings show is that even in a secular, generally peaceful culture where court or government based change is the normal avenue, there are still extreme element willing to go to those extremes. It's not supposed to be a 1:1 because the Cultural Reality in North America is very different. 

Suicide Bombing in the Middle East is a normal element because it is currently a culturally capable thing. Much like the bombings of the IRA. 

Please don't try to use a cultural elements, which is used in war (like in the Syrian Civil War) by forces lacking sophisticated equipment as a platform for your personal predjucies. 

Wiseguy 2/24/2013 1:42:12 PM

Caveman you're using a parable that of course can be taken out of context.

Take into account Jeus' preaching and actions not the actions of the men that followed which is my point.

Then go look at islam and mohmmed. It was founded on violence perpetrated by mohammed himself and the men he commanded. Of course that history is mostly ignored by the folk running scared of the truth of this tyrant.

Wiseguy 2/24/2013 1:48:31 PM

Ketchup on a hotdog? not in my house damn it

Wiseguy 2/24/2013 2:09:46 PM

Kaziklu, spoken like someone that does not understand islam, what the quran teaches nor what its founder did to expand the religion. Yeah islamic violence is not something new, it was born out of it. It's also a force designed to rule every aspect of your life and government which is why you see the two intertwined in just about every govt. that is a muslim country. The exception being only the most liberal ones and even then it's mostly a superficial disconnect and not a real one

shac2846 2/24/2013 3:40:21 PM

Please don't try to use a cultural elements, which is used in war (like in the Syrian Civil War) by forces lacking sophisticated equipment as a platform for your personal predjucies. 


Point being kaziklu that an entire religion, in this case christianity, can't be held accountable for something that a few wacko's do of their own perogative. I was only trying to make the point that it is more frequent than attacks from christians in america. The lack of violence by christians in contemporary america was exactly my point and the fact that there are so few of these recorded incidents reinforces this. Also they could just as easily hurl those same type of stereotypes at the far left. Look at the nut job Floyd Corkins who went on the shooting rampage at the family research council a few months back and said in open court (although he was stopped before he got out of hand) he intended to kill as many people as possible until he was stopped because he thought he was helping the cause of gay marriage. I have been going to church my whole life. I'll be the first to admit and side with anyone that christians and and are extremely hypocritical. But I have never been in a christian church my entire life that advocated violence against another human being. (I'm excluding the Westeburro church as they fall into the wacko department) That is why I thought caveman's bringing this up was off base.

Also lack of sophisticated equipmant has absolutely nothing to do with someone's intent. Your trying to say that all suicide bombings are linked to european and or american occupation of musiim dominated countries? I won't even comment on that as it will lead the board way off topic but I agree with Wise post.

As far as personal prejudices go that is an assumption on your part kaziklu. I only commented in regard to caveman relating bombing abortion clinics to suicide bombers. I wasnt' the one who brought it up I was commenting on the topic at hand. Are we to assume you have a prejudice against christians or conservatives or anyone who doesn't agree with you? If that isn't a fair assumption than you shouldn't make the same about others. I never once hurled any thing even resembling and insult toward you. Nor have I labeled anyone I disagree with on this board as prejudice, go back and read my posts. In fact I clearly stated I respected Joel's opinion and Joel for that matter but just didn't agree with it. 

shac2846 2/24/2013 3:41:07 PM

 Wow we got off topic but it took 90 plus posts. Are we getting more civil at mania? 

Kaziklu 2/24/2013 4:07:03 PM

 @ Wiseguy Islam does not teach violence for violence sake. The Prophet was trying to prevent the tribal wars of the period that were wiping out the region. Yes the spread happened through war, but that was common at the time. Christianity launched military crusades as well against Pagan and Muslims, the difference is that The Prophet formed a Theocratic state and was expanding the borders of that state, people were not forced to convert. Christians and Jews were allowed to practice their faith without issue, and still had certian legal rights. Under Christians the Northern Crusades were a convert or die situation. 

And as I understand Sunni Islam conflict only occurs if either people invade a territory, or break a treaty and notice of possible conflict is made known if ammends is not made. 

Most westerners do not know anything about Islam. Most Westerners don't know anything about Christianity for that matter. Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

Worse most westerners seem to go out of their way to paint Islam in a bad light, and use out of context scripture to do so.

Shac, I apologize I'm so used to people going at Islam like it's some sort of hate machine that I read it in that light. I believe you are trying to state as I am that the actions of fringe groups of any ideology do represent the whole. 

The situation in the middle east is long an complicated. My comments about Spain were in reference to the 10th-14th century. Current issue steam from the Imperial age of Europe and really took off around the 1920s. Staring with British control of several area's which was seen in many way as Christian control, the Monarch is after all offically the head of the Church of England as well as the Head of State. Later it was American Influnce in Israel, and places like Iraq that got things worked up. And after the Gulf War with American Troops stationed there, it gave a target for fringe groups. Add in economic issues and you have a formula for hate. After the invasion in 2001 it just fueled the fire. 

Prior to that these fringe groups though perhape recruited from many places, were primarily in Afghanstan, Pakistan, Yemen and Oman as these area's are often unstable and give recruits and bases of operation, with few issues. 

Sadly any society placed in the right conditions will see similar results. Nazi Germany for example. A fringe group rose to power because of social and economic woe and given a scape goat of foriegn influence. It's no different. The US was and is the focus of that. Germans aren't horrible people. 

We can see the same fringe groups in North America the difference is, there isn't as big a social or economic victimization, but they have an enemy. "Liberals" and "Liberalism" 

And this steams a little from the fact that Secularism continues to push forward, and the old dominate all morals come from the bible thinking of Christian America feels to some like it's under attack even though it isn't. They may not be violent but they are vocal and that is because they still feel like they have other options. Culturally we are given other options, particularly as it's an internal not external force, where as in the middle east it's an external force... and precieved invader. 

Look at Violence in Northern Ireland, you have a precieved invader. The violence between Irish and English didn't happen over night but did lead to American Irish attacking Canada after the Civil War. In 1920s US you had a precieved in justice that resulted in bootlegging and that did lead to some violence. It's only been in the last 150 years of realitive peace and prosperity that the US has calmed down on the domestic front. That took time. That hasn't happened in the Middle East the fringe there see's the US the way the Irish saw the English. 


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