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vitieddie 2/26/2013 7:41:34 PM

It is ok to have sports people as role models if their character and non-sports works are meaningful, etc ... imho

karas1 2/27/2013 5:42:21 AM

Guys, you ask What does a guy baking donuts or flipping burgers contribute to society?  What does a real estate salesperson or a customer service rep contribute?  They provide goods and service that other people want or need.  A professional athlete provides an entertainment service that others want or need.  But why is the athlete a HERO?  I don't see him as providing any more to society than any of those other jobs.

I never said I want sports to disappear from the world.  Go out and play sports if you want to.  It's a healthy, fun activity that provides exercise.    Or you can sit on the couch and scarf high calorie snacks while you watch the game if you want to.  That's less healthy but that's your choice.  Just don't go to a game and then participate in a riot because your team lost (or won).

Does the sports industry provide jobs and incomes for millions of people?  It sure does and I never said that sports wasn't an important part of our economy.

The fact is that sports, as an industry is just as important as other entertainment industries such as music or movies or TV.

But it's an ENTERTAINMENT industry.  Watching professional athletes provides entertainment.  How does that make these people HEROES?  Movie actors and musicians provide entertainment and their stars are well known and make lots of money.  But few parents want their kids to grow up to be David Lee Roth.

As for the spirit of international competition.  The Olympics aren't about mutual respect between athletes from different cultures.  They are about which country's athletes can collect the most medals.  And at the end of the day, what does the ability to swim back and forth across a pool faster than anybody else in the world (by hundreths of a second) get you?  Why would that skill be coisidered important and why is Michael Phelps a hero for being able to do it?

Was the ruller of North Korea a sports fan?  That's good I guess.  If he was a music fan and wanted Duran Duran to perform for him in his country would that make Simon LeBon a hero?

When I think of Kenya I think of lions and giraffes on the Serengetti.  I think of safaries and tourism and natural beauty.  Long distance runners don't even occur to me.  And I'll wager that the economy of Kenya makes a lot more off the lions than it does off the runners.

Wise, we do obsess about our scifi media here but I think we're all well aware that this is a hobby and not important in the grander scheme of things.  And while we like our Star Trek, nobody considers either William Shatner or Chris Pine a hero.  Now KIRK was a hero.  But he's a fictional character.

violator14 2/27/2013 8:55:42 AM

 Karas, just out of curiosity have you ever in ur life during a discussion/debate thought to yourself, "Oh ya, that's a good point. Thx for the input!" Or have you ALWAYS completely disregarded any valid and positive points, searched for ANY random negative tangent about the subject, and just go off on that to make yourself sound better than the other person like most woman in history?? lol


dude: "Wow! What a beautiful blue sky!! What a great day to be outside and do somethi......"

karas: "No you fool!  it's not all blue. Look it's part green there, it's orangey-yellow over where the sun is, and over there where the clouds are, it's WHITE! .... GEEZ!!!"

This is what your basic debate with karas comes off as...hahaha

I dont wanna have to repost all the valid points we just made about sports and what they do for society, but I hope you get my drift. Btw, ur perspective on Olympics is very very twisted up....just wow.

karas1 2/27/2013 9:35:05 AM

I frequently acknoledge good points  that others make and, in fact, in my previous post I acknoledged that the sports industry was economically important.   

OK violator, what's your perspective on the Olympics?  And why would you encourage your child to idolize a sports figure?

hanso 2/27/2013 10:08:31 AM

Did you play in any sports team growing up?  Do you follow sports?

violator14 2/27/2013 10:33:22 AM

 ok, im glad it sounds like u wanna be objective with this. I was hoping it wouldn't start turning to nasty blows. haha

My perspective on Olympics and what is supposed to be the intended nature is what i stated earlier. It's meant for competition and winning, OF COURSE, but it's also intended for the nations to come together as one whole world and enjoy in festivities. What else in the world can bring together nations for a FRIENDLY venture? I dont think the nations would come together in an internationally giant televised event for "bakers and burger flippers" to be quite honest.

Ya what is the point in someone who can throw a javelin, or run fast ? Well that is just something the greeks started doing for competitive games in the original olympics cuz what else are they gonna do right? However what these lil games have evolved into is a reason for different people of different cultures to get together, compete, and enjoy each others' companies. I went to the Barcelona olympics in 92' and it was one of the best things ive ever done in my life. it's not JUST about watching who can swim the fastest. It was about the festivities, the parties, learning about other cultures, shedding all kinds of prejudices and stereotypes you might have had. Of course there are some negative things that happen here and there cuz it's impossible for anything to be perfect, but for the most part, what I'm trying to explain is what the Olympics stands for. It's even in the symbolism of the united differently colored rings.

I can imagine if there were no such thing as the Olympics ever, that there easily could have been some extra wars between countries, or trade disagreements, or some other negative spin i cant think of from the butterfly effect of it all. 

And i would never tell a child to "Idolize" a sports figure. But there's nothing wrong to root for someone you like. Im sure you must root for someone you like right? But ya, im definitely not for those super-crazed fans who live for sports night and day, and centralize their lives around their sports team. I dont think that's what it was meant for. Those guys have problems. But then again, all things do. You take the good w/ the bad.

lazarus 2/27/2013 11:24:05 AM

I would totally encourage my kids to look up to sports figures. My kids all played sports growing up, and a diverse group of them. Including swimming, volleyball, soccer, basketball. Took them to all the Jags games (that is a profession football team, well kinda) they loved the team members and meet many of them.

Are they replacements for other figures? No. Never said they should be, but they are a lot more REAL than characters in a comic book. That was my point. Tangible, physical real examples of positive success in the world. Is the only success? No, but any success is a good role model, and believe me, lots of these athletes overcome serious obstacles and challenges to achieve thier dreams.

One doesn't preclude the other.

MrEt 2/27/2013 11:33:13 AM

My favorite sports role model of all time was Charles Barkley, ironic huh....

karas1 2/27/2013 2:18:08 PM

Hanso, I played soccer when I was a girl.  The River Rogues lost every game we played but we had fun and got a lot of exercise.  We learned how to lose without being too disappointed which is a valuable lesson.

I don't follow any professional team sports.  I understand how somebody can root for a team and want THIER team to win.  I can understand following specific players and taking pride in their success.  But frankly, I can't understand enjoying watching a game.  I think watching the play is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

What really ticks me off is when programming I like is preempted or delayed by some sporting event, particurlarly football.  If 60 Minutes is supposed to start at 7:00 it should start at 7:00 and the rest of the night's programs should be undisturbed.  If the football game runs overtime Too Damn Bad.  This business of starting 60 Minutes at 8:30 because the game ran an hour and a half over sucks.

I do occasionally like watching individuals compete against eachother, things like ice skating or gymnastics.  I think they are beautiful and I enjoy them the way I enjoy dancers.   I like the X-Games of all things.  Those people don't use the same gravity we do and I am convinced some of them are superhuman.

But that doesn't mean I think they are worthy to be good role models.  They can do exciting tricks on the skateboard that I like to watch but that doesn't necessarily make them good people.

karas1 2/27/2013 2:41:18 PM

Violator, you went to the Olympics in Spain?  Wow!  What an exciting vacation!  I'll bet it's a whole different experience from seeing it on TV.

I really do enjoy watching the olympics on TV, up to a point.  The TV coverage is frequently skewed towards sports I have little interest though.  In London they showed us Michael Phelps and Brian Lochte swim back and forth for hours and more beach volleyball than you can shake a stick at but completely ignored the equestrian events, even with Mitt Romney's horse competing.  The show jumping and dresage were competititions I would have enjoyed seeing. 

The original Olympics showcased sports which practiced skills which were useful in battle.  During peacetime, Greek soldiers threw javelins instead of spears.  Running really fast over long distances was how they communicated, messengers brought messages before the invention of the walkie talkie.  Sports developed important skills which had real life applications.  Being the best javelin thrower meant you were a superior warrior which had value to society as a whole. 

That's no longer the case.  The only thing practicing basketball will get you is the ability to play basketball.

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