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The Boys are Back in Town

DC Direct rings in with four more LEGION members

By Andrew Kardon     June 24, 2002

CHAMELEON BOY blends right in.
© 2002 DC Direct

The ranks are growing. If you're not careful, your toy shelf will soon be overtaken by a legion of action figures. Make that a LEGION of action figures. Yep, following up on its massively popular first run of LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES action figures, DC Direct will be bringing four more members of the futuristic group to toy shelves in January.

The Legion's founding members have already been immortalized in plastic, but now it's time for the group to expand its ranks a bit. No, don't worry, Bouncing Boy and Matter-Eater Lad are still light years away from pestering your Batman and Superman figures. Instead, joining the team early next year are STAR BOY, ULTRA BOY, SUN BOY and CHAMELEON BOY.

STAR BOY shines on.

"Starting with the founding members of the team definitely got the figures off to a good start," says Georg Brewer, VP design & retail product development for DC Direct. "There are many Legion of Super-Heroes fans out there and they wanted more. We wanted to start expanding the group with the boys, and if they do well we hope to start adding the girls."

Debuting back in 1958's ADVENTURE COMICS #247, the Legion of Super-Heroes has been one of the most popular teen superteams in comics. Set in the 30th century, the Legion's always had a ridiculous number of team members. They've also got some of the most rabid and diehard fans. But until recently, they never had action figures. With a rich and lengthy history behind the team, expect DC Direct to continue putting out Legion figures for yearsmake that centuriesto come.

SUN BOY burns up the shelves.

For now, fans will just have to be content with the latest wave of figures. Packaged in DC Direct's innovative resealable packaging, the Boys of wave two average some 6 inches in height with multiple points of articulation. But how exactly did the DC Direct crew pick these particular four characters to continue the Legion legacy?

"We actually designed a group of eight characters that shared similar costume elements and had been requested by the fans," says Brewer. "We then picked four of the ones with strong visual diversity and built the assortment from there. As long as they do well, we hope to keep doing the figures."

Here's a quick look at the roster for the Legion's newest recruits:

Reep Daggle's a native of Durla, a 30th century race of people with shape-changing abilities. Ol' Dag joined the Legion as Chameleon Boy, hoping to overcome the prejudice and suspicion most of the universe harbor against Durlans. That, and to get a bitchin' flight ring.

Thom Kallor was born in a floating observatory operated by his astronomer parents in the 30th century. This unique environment gave him the power to temporarily channel the mass from stars into people or objects, making them super-heavy. Yeah, he pretty much was last in line the day they were giving out powers.

ULTRA BOY: your one-stop shop for super powers.

Left to die in an energy reactor by one of his father's scientific rivals, Dirk Morgna gained the ability to project heat and light in controlled quantities. And hey, now he's a hot action figure.

Near his homeworld of Rimbor in the 30th century, Jo Nah's one-man spacecraft was attacked by an alien energy beast that filled him with its ultra-energy. Now Ultra Boy can choose one super power at a time: super-strength, speed, invulnerability, flight and a variety of super-visions. Like one super-vision isn't enough for a hormonally charged teenager...


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