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Braga talks ENTERPRISE's future

Addresses Trip/T'Pol sensuality, more

By Christopher Allan Smith, reporting by Anthony C. Ferrante     February 26, 2002

The cast of ENTERPRISE
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In a recent interview with CINESCAPE, ENTERPRISE executive producer Brannon Braga outlined some of what fans can expect in the future, and outlined the differences he sees between the ENTERPRISE crew and the generations which follow.

"Sensuality is sexual tension. And there's a lot of sexual tension between Trip and T'Pol and Archer and T'Pol," Braga teased. "Trip got pregnant. There was a lot of sensuality in that one and we have a show coming up where T'Pol gets nasty with a Vulcan. And that's a real sexy show."

He also discussed how sensuality, and its sundry teasing, which has been missing in many ways from the last few STAR TREK shows, is a growing component of the show he and TREK steward Rick Berman created.

"Hopefully the sensuality runs through the show. You see our people in their underwear. You see Archer in the shower. There's an episode where the Ferengi take over the ship and Trip spends the entire episode in his underwear, running around the ship like Bruce Willis. Sensuality can be humorous. It can be obvious and it can be subtle. Rick and I have been allowed to bring our own sensibilities to the show in a more natural way, which we haven't been allowed to do in some of the other shows."

He then pointed out how he hopes ENTERPRISE will differ from the more recent TREK entries.

"You have to understand that NEXT GENERATION and VOYAGER were great shows. But they were squeaky-clean shows," Braga said. "They were sterile somehow. The characters were so far removed from you and me that they were hard to relate. On ENTERPRISE I want to feel the grime. And I want to feel the fear. And I want to feel the excitement. In the last couple of VOYAGER's, I don't think we were feeling any of that. I thought that we were telling good stories, but there was something missing. The Roddenberry-essence had gotten lost.

So what can fans expect for the rest of ENTERPRISE's first year?

"We're going to try to continue dipping into the Vulcan aspects of the show, but in different ways," Braga said. "We're going to meet some Vulcans who are trying to put emotion into their lives. And T'Pol is going to become enmeshed in a twisted tale of seduction, like a Vulcan 9 1/2 WEEKS. ... This may sound simplistic, but we're just trying to tell the best stories that we can tell and we don't want to rush it. We feel like this crew is just getting out there, taking their baby steps, discovering what this galaxy is all about. And we're trying to just very gradually tell good stories. There's a lot of good stories coming up, we're very pleased."


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