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Brandon Routh on 'Dylan Dog' and 'Man of Steel'

    April 30, 2008

In an extensive Q&A with Coming Soon actor Brandon Routh talks about plans to return to the cape and tights in 'Superman: The Man of Steel' and touched on the other comic book icon he's bringing to life: 'Dylan Dog'.

"I expect that we'll be working early next year. I know that Bryan [Singer] has pretty much finished out 'Valkyrie' and is back in the states and is zeroing in on the story that he wants to tell. Once that arrives it's going to move pretty quickly. I think that everybody is getting excited. It's been three years now, really. It's hard to believe that it's been long, but everyone is getting jazzed and ready to go again. I certainly am," Routh said.

The actor said he's also looking to see the Man of Steel become more of a man of action.

"I think that something that audiences are looking for – and I certainly am, too – is for Superman to actually be able to lay a punch on someone or something. I was filming and I thought, 'I haven't really hit anything. I feel like I'm going to need to let some of this anger out.' So I'm happy that I think that's going to be a central part of the sequel, getting a good villain that we can actually have physical altercations with," Routh said. "Certainly also, I'd like more humor from Clark or just more of Clark and Jimmy. A little bit more of Lois and Clark, how we used to see them, a bit more of buddies. Perhaps things will be smoothed over with Superman and Lois and she can afford to be a little bit nicer to Clark. I think that's something that people want to see and those are some of the great moments from previous 'Superman' films."

Routh also talked about the 'Dylan Dog' movie saying, "It's about Dylan who's a nightmare investigator and primarily in this film we're going to be involved with zombies and werewolves and vampires and some activity that occurs there creating comedy, action, horror and the thrills ensue."

And will it be true to the comics?

"What I've been able to read is that of course [European fans] love the character of Groucho who is Dylan's assistant in the comics. He's a Groucho Marx impersonator. In the translation to film, it's not going to quite translate the way that you want it to and so unfortunately Groucho won't be a part of the film, but there's going to be an amazing sidekick and assistant and he's going to be a really great character that people will fall in love with, I think. They might be upset at first, but we'll woo them and do our best to bring back all the elements in keeping with the 'Dylan Dog' lore. It's always a challenge when you go from a comic book to a film. You have to make decisions about what's going to play and what's not going to play and how do you make it work because they're completely different mediums."

Click through to the complete interview where Routh talks about his current film, 'Lie to Me' as well as other upcoming projects.


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