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Brandon Routh still 'The Man of Steel'

    January 05, 2008

Apparently the recent blog by Anne Thompson in Variety has started a smattering of rumors that actor Brandon Routh would not be returning to the role of Superman in the 'Man of Steel' movie.

Thompson does state that Routh would not be the next Superman fans see on-screen, but she was clearly referring to the fact that the 'Justice League' movie would fill the role with a different actor. Never the less, the rumors spun in a direction that indicated Routh was done with the stand-alone franchise as well.

Now, Moriarty at Ain't It Cool sets the record straight, citing a "very high-ranking mole" as his source.

I just got off the phone with a very high-ranking mole who is absolutely in a position to know what's happening with this film, and he tells me that it is "absolutely false" that Brandon Routh is out as Superman for the stand-alone series.

Right now, Routh is still Warner's choice to return if they make another stand-alone SUPERMAN film, and that's based on conversations as recently as a few weeks ago.

Don't believe this one, kids. Routh's still the Man of Steel.


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