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Brandon Vietti talks Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

By Jim Harvey     June 06, 2007

The Marvel Animation Age recently managed to sit down with director Brandon Vietti (The Batman, Superman: Doomsday) to talk about his work on 'Spider-Man: The New Animated Series'.The show, an all-CGI follow-up to the first 'Spider-Man' movie, aired on MTV for one season before being quickly canceled. Insiders have told Comics2Film that there was plenty of infighting between Marvel, Sony and MTV over the tone and direction of the series. Vietti doesn't talk about that but he does talk about the show's premature cancellation."I definitely would have liked to do more episodes! I don't think any of us were ready to give it up so quickly. We had a really unique show going and we all knew it," said Vietti. "Like most shows, I think it would have just kept getting better as it progressed. The art direction was eye catching and unique. I liked how the show kinda looked like a cross between a comic book and a video game. I thought the animators did an amazing job bringing our boards to life. It was the best TV CGI animation I had seen at the time."He's got a lot more to say in this extensive interview.Spider-Man is set to return to animation later this year in an all-new effort called 'The Spectacular Spider-Man'.


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