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Brannon Braga Talks ENTERPRISE

Producer also provides details from pilot episode.

By Frank Kurtz     August 24, 2001
Source: Ian Spelling/Inside Trek & Sci Fi

STAR TREK: VOYAGER's Brannon Braga and Jeri Ryan together at the TOMB RAIDER premiere.
© 2001 Sue Schneider

Brannon Braga has been talking quite a bit about what inspired the creation of the coming ENTERPRISE and what the first episode will involve.

While talking to Ian Spelling's syndicated Inside Trek & Sci Fi column, Braga spoke of the series' evolution, saying, "The main reason for doing it this way was that we just couldn't see doing another show in Picard's time or Sisko's time or Janeway's time... Hundreds of episodes have been done in that time.

"We felt that to just put another crew on another spaceship with a new name or to set it at the Academy on Earth at the same time as the other shows, with the same aliens and political situations wasn't fresh enough. We needed an impetus to tell new, exciting kinds of stories and character arcs.

He notes, "Setting something even further in the future than Janeway's time felt odd because every time we try to do that we end up with ships that look a little sleeker and suits that are a little tighter... So going back seemed like a nifty way to reinvigorate the whole thing."

Braga also goes into detail on what will be happening in the program's pilot episode, confirming long standing rumors. Still, what he says could definitely be a spoiler for those of you who would rather not know a thing about what lies ahead on the series. If that means you, then skip over the following material and go to another story by using one of the links at the bottom of the page.

Still there?

You were warned.

Braga lets loose revealing details of the pilot episode, saying, "Our pilot tells the story of a crew that comes together for the very first time. The crew's mission is simple: a Klingon has crash-landed on Earth - we've never seen a Klingon before - and the Klingons want him back...We've got to take him home or there's going to be trouble with the Klingon Empire. So it's a little bit like SAVING PRIVATE RYAN - get the Klingon home. Along the way, we uncover a huge galactic conspiracy involving a new and deadly species called the Suliban."

He continues, saying, "The Suliban have strange genetic abilities. They can breathe in the vacuum of space and run on ceilings and camouflage themselves like an octopus. We realize that the Suliban are somehow in contact with the distant future, that there's a situation called the Temporal Cold War and that there's a big conspiracy that also involves the Klingons.

"We begin to uncover this and it's a grand adventure. I think it's safe to say the crew stays together at the end."


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