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peak37pt 4/11/2010 12:58:39 PM

 Nicely said about the "Bat-Purists." I'm such a Batman freak that I'm even getting the Batsymbol tattoo. I consider myself a "Purist" of the character and what he represents, so whether it's Adam West, Brave and Bold, Detective Comics, Batman & Robin, it's all about the man, myth, and all incarnations of it. In fact, B&B is a great homage to a more innocent batman, and I am proud that it is on.

For you to be a TRUE Bat-Purist, you should respect all depictions of the Bat! Especially when they are so well written, as this show is!   

hulkster46 4/11/2010 1:59:07 PM

There was a comic that came out in paperback around 1989, called The Untold Legend of the Batman. It consisted of 3 comics. Batman receives a package, and in it is his fathers costume, torn up. Then through a series of flashbacks, we learn how Batman became who he is. Who Joe Chill was, ect. The comic even had Bruce Wayne yelling at Chill, romoving his Cowl, and saying I Am Bruce Wayne. The only difference was that Chill was gunned down by his own people when they discovered that Batman was the reason why things went bad for them. The episode had the roof fall on Chill.

Even the Batman costume his father wore was just like the one drawn in the comic. I think they should of given John Bryne some credit on the show for his designs, ect.

But still a good show, it was  drawn and antimated  very dark, just like in B.T.A.S., At first I would watch a show or two of The Brave and the Bold, then looking at previews for the next show,. skip it. But I seem too be hooked on it now.

thecheckeredman 4/11/2010 3:04:41 PM

The Untold Legend of the Batman.

This little mini-series immediatly came to mind while enjoying this fantastic episode of B&B!  So good.

I barely recognized Hamill's voice as the Spectre! 

JoeArtistWriter 4/11/2010 5:25:27 PM

peak37pt, like you, I'm a Batfreak. Viva la Bat. I cut my teeth on the Adam West show, and got drawn back in after years of Bat-exhile with Miller's tale. I love alll the incarnations.

hulkster, the designn and story of Thomas Wayne's Bat costume dates way back before 1989. I remember seeing a reprint back when I was a kid. Since the Brave and the Bold grabs a number of their stories from the Silver Age, I'd wager that Thomas Wayne story and design dates back to the mid-late 50's.

thecheckeredman, I didn't realize until the credits it was Mark Hamill, which made it especially cool, because I had already made my notes about the Spectre coming off like Palpatine.

egoist 4/11/2010 9:36:17 PM

Excellent review. You touched on pretty much everything I liked about this episode. Mark Hamill was awesome as the Spectre. (I had to look at the credits as well) Give Mark his own spinoff already! "Old chum", Emperor moment, Julie Newmar, Adam West..... what more could you ask?

gauleyboy420 4/14/2010 11:59:35 AM


I have to admit, I didn't start watching B&B til this year (all caught up now, though)

I was so against it because of the greatness of TAS, and JLU...

BUT ! this show is wonderful. It incorporates all of batman mythos into one. It's genuinely funny, and accesable to kids, which is important if we want comics to continue to be relevant.

It can get silly, but Batman NEVR gets silly, he's the perfect straight man. They really handle this show well.


This episode might be the best one I've seen. Maybe because it didn't talk down to the audience or shy away from the painful subject of death, and vengeance. I was surprised they let Chill actually die... But appriciate it and the way t was handled, not dwellimng on it (for tha kiddies ya know)

I loved the "Old Chum" line!!!! and loved that Conroy and Hamil (although I didn't recognize his voice til you pointed it out Joe) are involved to some extent on this show. I also think Diedrich Bader does a great job as Batman. He pays homage to Conroy, but also makes it his own.

My first exposure to Batman was the Adam West show (in syndication) it and The Incredible Hulk started ,y love affair with comics. I remember running home to catch The Lone Ranger, Superman, but really Loved Batman (prolly cause it was in color) 

anyway great review Joe,

And I'm a purist, and there is room for all the Batmen, except shumakers LOL!!! too true



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