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BRAVE & THE BOLD - "Chill of the Night"

3 clips and 6 images from this week's BATMAN

By Mania Staff     April 07, 2010
Source: Cartoon Network

BATMAN: BRAVE & THE BOLD - "Chill of the Night"
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Batman travels to the dark side of the DC Universe -- and his own psyche -- on this week's new episode of 'Batman: The  Brave and the Bold'! Cartoon Network has given us 3 preview clips and 6 new images from the show. But first, here's the description.

The Spectre and The Phantom Stranger observe Batman as he uncovers the mystery of who killed his parents and travels back in time to team up with his own father.

The episode features some very special bat-guests as none other than Adam West and Julie Newmar step into the roles of Thomas and Martha Wayne! The episode's cast also includes Diedrich Bader as Batman, Mark Hamill as The Spectre, Kevin Conroy as the Phantom Stranger, Jen Hale as Zantana, Zachary Gordon as Young Bruce, Richard Moll as Moxon, Peter Onorati as Joe Chill and Jeff Bennett as Augie, Joker & Abra Cadabra.

BATMAN: THE BRAVE & THE BOLD, "Chill of the Night!" airs Friday, April 9th at 7:30 p.m. on the Cartoon Network.




Click the thumbnails to view the three video clips...

Chill of the Night - Clip 1

Chill of the Night - Clip 2

Chill of the Night - Clip 3





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thecheckeredman 4/8/2010 6:03:11 AM

CAN'T WAIT!  B:B&B is a great show!!!

Phantom Stranger and Spectre!?!  And Zatanna too!  Jeepers!


hulkster46 4/10/2010 9:02:15 AM

I liked the episode, it seemed darker compared too other episodes, and was drawn darker too. I remember reading a paperback, (collection of comics), The Untold Legend of the Batman, Batman receives a package, and inside it were the torn fragments of his fathers costume, The same design of the costume seen in the episode. Then through a series of flashbacks, we learn all about Batman's origins. Turns out that Batman subconsciously mailed the costume too himself. There were similar scenes in last nites episode. For instance when Batman reveals too Chill that he is Bruce Wayne, even down too Wayne throwing back his cowl, yelling, I am Bruce Wayne. I still have the paperback in my collection, it was drawn, and I think written by, John Bryne.  



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