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keithdaniel 1/23/2011 7:34:19 PM

Axia, thank you for adding what I should've stated some time ago on my debates regarding the Nolan Batman vs Burton Batman that I've had in the past with Wise and Kara!  Despite our differences with our great friend Wise, I think we finally have some consensus on what some future Batman films could be like.  Batman, The Animated Series has a great touch of fantasy element and film noir but without losing it's seriousness.  As much as I love the serious take of the Nolan films, I see what Wise is saying and agree with him to a degree.  I don't have to have BM's world so serious as to exclude characters like Mr. Freeze, Penquin, or Killer Croc.  That's why I'm more than open to having some future BM films that are more like BTAS.

Axia, none of us here are film exects but I'm willing to bet you that if you, Wise, and myself were pulling the strings at WB, I bet we'd have our way with any future BM films being like TAS, not to mention that we'd have the Wonder Woman, Flash and perhaps even other great DC characters like Aquaman being groomed for production, if not out already!  Wise, just as you've told Eaglemaniac that you'd pretend you didn't read his statement against Avatar...I guess I'll have to do the same with your comments against the Nolan BM films!  Where would I be on Mania without you driving me crazy on the Nolan BM vs. Burton BM subject?!!  LOL!!

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