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Mania Grade: A-

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  • Audio Rating: A-
  • Video Rating: A-
  • Packaging Rating: B
  • Menus Rating: B
  • Extras Rating: B-
  • Age Rating: 13 & Up
  • Region: 1 - North America
  • Released By: TOKYOPOP
  • MSRP: 29.99
  • Running time: 100
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: Brigadoon

Brigadoon Vol. #3

By Andrew Tei     September 24, 2003
Release Date: September 16, 2003

Brigadoon Vol. #3

What They Say
Episode 11
A Broken Umbrella and the Dark Rain
Marin - grief-stricken by Grandma Moto's passing - runs away into the rain, convinced that no one truly understands her. Is she right?

Episode 12
Fly from the Darkness
World leaders decide to establish a Brigadoon research team to come up with ways to stop the rampant destruction. The U.S. President arrives and asks Marin to help find Brigadoon.

Episode 13
The Dark Celestial World
The destination of the Apollo Space Program has been changed - it's now headed for Brigadoon, and one of its astronauts is our own Marin Asagi. And while Melan is doing everything to get Marin to Brigadoon, he faces one final obstacle: The 3rd Gun-Swordsman, Erin Garnet.

Episode 14
Lost in Colors
On Brigadoon, Lolo explains why Monomakias are being sent as assasins and who 'Creis Marin' and 'Marin Asagi' really are. Meanwhile Marin and Melan travel to a world called 'Submaton Color.'

The Review!
After the ending events of the second volume, things are a bit somber at the nagaya before Marin accepts a mission to finally take the battle to Brigadoon.


Brigadoon comes with English and Japanese stereo tracks in stereo. For my review, I listened to the Japanese soundtrack. There is little use of directionality, and no use of the rear speakers. Sound was very clear though, and the soundtrack gave the stereo a workout. No distortions or dropouts were present.


The picture quality on Brigadoon continues to be excellent. I could not find any sort of glitch in the video while I was watching at all. Colors were bright, and no mpeg artifacts were present. Brigadoon is a pure digital production.

At a few points in the show, there were some missing subtitles, though, including one place where the speech looked important towards the end of the last episode on the speech. Marin’s line was not showing up.


The cover features Marin falling with Kushatohn, the last ampoule she collected during the visit to the World fair in the last volume. The spine has a volume number, and a picture of the alien, Lolo, that pops up around the show. The back cover features a picture from each of the four episodes on the DVD and their titles. Another one of living weapons, Erin, is shown on the back cover. The insert inside is a print of the front cover, and on the back there is a glossary of terms for the show.


The main menu has the opening song playing as Erin comes flying onto the screen. When the menu loops, Erin shoots just before it ends. No other motion is present in any of the menus. No transition menus exist, and the menus are here just to serve their purpose. In addition to the standard subtitle track, there is an option to select a signs only sub track.


There are three different extras on this volume: the original Japanese closing credits, dub outtakes, and a line art gallery. The outtakes weren’t edited together well; there’s a long pause between each outtake and the volume during the segment is low.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

Following the events of last episode, the residents of the nagaya mourn the loss of one of their own. Marin is practically devastated by the loss, and cannot function or eat at all as she tries to deal with the death of someone close to her. Moe’s mother won’t even let her go to the funeral, and finally comes out and says she is keeping Moe from Marin due to their very different social standings. Even worse, Marin’s trouble only get worse when it’s suggested that she should move out of the nagaya now and into an orphanage.

Problems around the world continue to occur as the worlds of Brigadoon and Earth come closer to Mutual Collapse, a condition that occurs every 100 years. A ceremony called the Pasca Ritual is performed to prevent this, but this year is different. A key called the Creis is the key to stabilizing the two worlds during the ritual, but the Brigadoonians don't have it.

On Earth, the options seem to be running out. The United States has a plan though, and it needs Marin to be a part of it. They realize there is a connection between Brigadoon, the Monomaki, and Marin. To enlist her help, the President of the United States himself comes to personally ask her to go on an investigative mission to Brigadoon. The United States even has a way to get her there, on board the Apollo 13 rocket!

Marin goes to Brigadoon carrying her three ampoules with her, and they immediately reach trouble at Brigadoon as various forces try to stop Marin for reaching the core city of Brigadoon, where the ritual of Pasca can take place. And once they get Marin there, what can she do? And what is Lolo's role in all of this?

The last episode on the DVD probably should have been the first episode on the next DVD. It's a recap episode, and a bridging episode between the first half of the series and the second half.

There are a lot of answers in this volume, as Marin rushes towards the day of Pasca. Lolo starts providing answers, and we even see the other members of his race. Marin's relationship with her best friend gets strained as she tries to deal with the tragic events around her.

Brigadoon continues to capture my attention throughout every minute of the episodes. Its blend of humor, action, and drama is excellent. The relationships between characters are dynamic and the story unfolds beautifully. This show should be on everyone's must buy list.

Japanese Language,English Language,English Subtitles,Line Art Gallery,Translators Notes

Review Equipment
Toshiba 3109 to a Toshiba 36” Cinema Series via component, Pioneer VSX-810S receiver via optical, Cerwin Vega front speakers, Pinnacle center and rears


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