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haoren007 10/25/2010 5:51:50 AM

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jedibanner 10/25/2010 6:02:25 AM

Damm adds...

Question, is this an ongoing series or is it a limtied series?

falas56 10/25/2010 8:15:40 PM

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ChadDerdowski 10/25/2010 9:08:26 PM

It's a bi-weekly limited series... I think it's going to last 24 issues?  Maybe?

But more importantly, can I sell you an Ed Hardy t-shirt?  True Religion jeans for only $30?  How about a Polo shirt?  Come on, jedibanner... bookmark my page!

Betenoire 10/27/2010 12:49:29 AM

Chad do you have any Brightest Day gear to hock as well? :P


Love the review-it almost gets me back into wanting to get comics but lack of money, space and the knowledge how many of the same things that drove me away from comics are still there prevent it.

But you do almost pull it off anyway-kudos.

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jedibanner 10/29/2010 10:35:50 AM

Nice try Chad...but these latest ads made me switch to them, sorry.



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