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Bring Back Maniac Mansion!

6/27/2008 12:38:30 PM permalink

There's nothing quite like an enjoyable blast from the past. Especially if you forgot all about it.

The other morning, while flipping through the G4 schedule, I found an episode of Game Makers featuring George Lucas' gaming division. I sat my ass down to watch it, and enjoyed the history of it, but it reminded me of something I hadn't seen in ages: Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle.

I LOVED this game in the mid 90's. It was the funniest, coolest game out there, and I'm ashamed of myself for forgetting it.

I'd went so far as to install DOTT on a high school computer, and we played it during art class on slow off days.

So, Georgie if you're out there, instead of remaking Star Wars over and over again, and re-releasing even more versions of Indiana Jones on dvd (and Blu-Ray! Where's my Blu-Ray releases, damnit?) why don't you direct the smarties in your organization to get together to make more Maniac Mansion games?

Or, dare I say it, why not a Day of the Tentacle inspired movie?

But, my dear Georgie, you can't write it, or direct it, or cast it. Just set it in motion and walk out the door. No sense in screwing up another good franchise.

Oh Maniac Mansion, how I missed you. Actually I don't miss the first one, but I do miss Day of the Tentacle. It was more fun.

Who's with me? Why have we not heard more from the mansion lately? What's Purple Tentacle doing these days?

Surely there's more to be told.

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