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Brolin talks JONAH HEX


By Rob M .Worley     December 10, 2009
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Comics2Film: JONAH HEX
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Brolin talks about fist fights and kisses on the set of 'Jonah Hex'. Plus: Warren Ellis on 'Red' movie. Quesada reviews 'Iron Man 2'. Quesada also talks 'Captain America'. More! The daily column that's going to see Avatar today, it's your Comics2Film 9.12.10!



Disney "Fine" with Sony having SPIDER-MAN

Disney's acquisition of Marvel will go before Marvel shareholders at the end of this month. After that, the merging of the two entertainment megaliths may be a reality. Today both Hollywood trades take a look at the impending deal.

There's been plenty of speculation about what this will mean for Marvel, in particular Marvel movies. Some of us have wondered if Disney will flex some muscles in reeling back in the Marvel characters that are licensed out to other studios, such as 'Fantastic Four', 'X-Men' and 'Daredevil' at 20th Century Fox, or 'Ghost Rider' and 'Spider-Man' at Sony.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Disney Co. president and CEO Bob Iger said it would be "just fine" with Disney if Sony keeps making 'Spider-Man' movies given that Marvel handles the licensing for them and has a big character library.

Meanwhile, Variety offers readers an in-depth look at how the Marvel and Disney deal happened, and how it was kept off the radar until the surprise announcement this summer. Check it out for an interesting read.



PRIEST Gets New Release Date

ShockTillYouDrop reports that the film version of the TOKYOPOP manhwa 'Priest' is now slated for release on August 27, 2010. The film is being slitted into the timeslot Sony Screen Gems had previously allocated to 'Resident Evil: Afterlife', which is now rumored to be pushed out to January 2011.




Be jealous Marvel movie fans. Joe Quesada has seen 'Iron Man 2' already. Well, a rough cut anyway.

The Marvel Editor in Chief tweeted last night that he was in L.A. and had seen the movie. "I worship before the alter of the mighty Favreau, he is da man," he enthused.

That's not the only excitement Quesada had during his West Coast visit on Wednesday. He immediately followed up with, "did I forget to mention an AMAZING Cap script meeting? Actually I did. I work here and these movies can't come out fast enough for me."

Just to put a fine point on it, by "Cap" Joey da Q  is talking about 'The First Avenger: Captain America' movie. Presumably the script meeting was with writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely who have previously been attached as screenwriters. Joe Johnston is directing and, with his current project 'The Wolfman' howling into theaters in February, it's time for him to start getting prepped for Cap.



Warren Ellis: RED Film is Different From Comic, and that's OK

The mad bastard of comics Warren Ellis took a moment to blog about the difference between 'Red' the Wildstorm-published miniseries that he created with artist Cully Hamner, and 'Red' the feature film that's set to go into production in Toronto next month with Bruce Willis starring and Robert Schwentke directing.

First and foremost, Ellis acknowledges that there willl be quite a bit of difference between the two stories.

"'Red', the book, is 66 pages long. If you were to film 66 pages of comics, you might, might just about get 40 minutes of film out of it. If you added a musical number," Eliis wrote. "So, yes, 'Red' the film is very different. Not least because it needed to generate more material than the book itself actually constituted.

"It is in fact best to consider 'Red' as a short story being adapted into film."

Ellis also acknowledges the need for there to be more than just the four characters (plus a legion of red shirts) that appear in the comics.

"The new characters are all in theme, all in the same line of work as (Paul in the book, Frank in the film) Moses. The theme being, in part...the unexploded bombs of the 20th Century," Ellis writes.

Accommodating these characters is an expansive cast that, in addition to Willis, includes Morgan Freeman, Mary-Louise Parker, John C Reilly, Helen Mirren, Julian McMahon, Brian Cox, Ernest Borgnine and Richard Dreyfus.

"It reminds me a bit of those 70s films like THE TOWERING INFERNO, that had in them everyone you wanted to see in a film, all at once. RED is a bit like that, only with more automatic weapons," Ellis said.

Fans can also expect more humor than is found in the book, which Ellis admits is "pretty grim." Finally, the writer offers these final words to those still doubtful of the adaptation:

"Helen Mirren with a sniper rifle.

"I mean, if you don’t want to see a film with Helen Mirren with a sniper rifle, I’m not sure I want to know you."

Click through for Ellis' complete comments.



Brolin, Fights and Kisses on the set of JONAH HEX

Actor Josh Brolin appeared on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien Tuesday night  and actually talked quite a bit about his work on the upcoming 'Jonah Hex' movie.

He spends much of the time talking about working with John Malkovich, who plays the primary villain Quentin Turnbull in the film. Among the amusing anecdotes, he talked about why he finds Malkovich to be such a compelling villain in this movie  (and others).

"[Other actors are] usually pretty straightforward with their anger, you can feel the rage coming and then they finally look at you — and when it's time to do it they just look at you and just let the spit fly," Brolin told O'Brien. "With John, you can feel the anger start to surface and then John may look for something, like maybe there's a poodle there. And John will pick up a poodle and start to pet the poodle. He won't be looking at you and he may start to recite a poem by Auden or something. To me that's far scarier than somebody actually screaming in your face."

It turns out Brolin actually injured Malkovich during one of their fight scenes. After talking about Malkovich, O'Brien took a commercial break before pressing him on the question on everybody's mind: How was it making out with Megan Fox?

As expected, Brolin complained a tiny bit about the arduous task of making a tongue-swap with Megan seem plausible, especially considering Hex's disfigurment.

"I had a prosthetic on my face and it was very tough for me because of the way Jonah Hex is and the way the character is, there's kind of a rope-idermis halfway through my mouth and half of my face is burned, so it's very tough to figure out and find a way to get your tongue through," Brolin lamented, although for the most part he admitted it was nice.

Check out the complete video clip, courtesy of Hulu:




C2F Writer Announces New Funnybook

I hope you Maniacs won't mind a little self-hype here (or mind me breaking the editorially prescribed third-person voice) but...

If you have a young comics fan in your life or if you're young at heart, you may want to check out my new comic book series 'Scratch9', coming next summer from Ape Entertainment and their KiZoic imprint.

Comic Book Resources has the scoop along with the first issue cover by the astonishing Mike Kunkel! Please check it out!


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Hobbs 12/10/2009 7:23:08 AM

They seriously need to change the name of the Cap movie to "Captain America"  anyone outside of the comic community is not going to have any idea what the First Avenger means...I've already had more than one friend ask what the heck that means and that it sounds like Captain American is seeking revenge based on the title.  They want mass audience they need to keep the title simple.

cellarboylives 12/10/2009 7:41:02 AM

YAAAAYYYYY!!!! fINALLY, some news about Captain America!!!!! Can't wait for the ball to get rolling!

Darkknight2280 12/10/2009 7:51:05 AM

Yeah I agree Hobbs. Not only for that reason but he wasnt even the 1st avenger, so the title really makes no sense.

Glad to Heatr Marvel CEO is excited and hyped for IM!! :) Cant wait!!!

kwsupes 12/10/2009 7:53:09 AM

 All I have to say is that Cap better make serious bank in the United states and her territories because with a name like Captain America even though you and I know he is on the level the rest of the world may not be that giddy for a superhero that glorifies America. 

fft5305 12/10/2009 7:54:20 AM

I think the idea is to begin building toward The Avengers.  Really, in reality, no one outside the comic community has any idea what Sam Jackson was talking about at the end of Iron Man, and what RDJ was talking about at the end of Incredible Hulk.  But non fanboys get a hint that something bigger might be coming down the road.  The fanboys get their panties in a bunch imagining the possibilities.  And sometimes, the two paths cross and the fanboys get to explain to the non-fans what we're all excited about, like when my wife wondered why I was giggling like a little schoolgirl at the aforementioned moments.

Wiseguy 12/10/2009 8:27:00 AM

Joe Q is E.I.C. not C.E.O. do you G.E.T. it :) Heck, I haven't seen IM2 and I'm excited and hyped for it

Let me second cellarboy's comment, YAAAAYYYYY!!!! fINALLY, some news about Captain America!!!!! Can't wait for the ball to get rolling! About effing time, let the rumors and speculation finally begin in earnest

First Avenger is fine, by the time it starts being pushed people will be calling it Captain America anyway.

OK maybe Disney is ok with Sony, they didn't totally screw up Spidey, though they did some damage with part 3. But they don't mention anything about Fox, maybe they're not happy with them and the way they have butchered the FF, X-Men, Elektra and the less than stellar DareDevil. Btw I liked all these films except Elektra but think they could've been done much much much better if they stuck closer to the source

Wiseguy 12/10/2009 8:28:50 AM

Rob congrats on the new series you have coming out. Now we have officially 2 comic book writers, you and Kurt, nice. Remind us when they drop

Matador 12/10/2009 8:31:11 AM

Well it's better than being called The Invaders but it be cool too see those characters too in the movie.

Wonder if Brolin snuck in a boob test.

Darkknight2280 12/10/2009 9:07:35 AM

Easy WISEGUY...its just semantics Ok he's the E.I.C Anywho..

I hope Disney flexes its muscles toward the other properties that were sold to other production companies. If you notice the said we will let Sony have Spiderman..they didnt say anything about xmen, F4, Daredevil and so on.. I think thats something to say hmm to and leaves me to think they will go after those other properties..and if anyone has the money and muscle to do it its going to be Disney/marvel! :)

Darkknight2280 12/10/2009 9:08:22 AM

MATADOR...i totally would have and if he's the man i think he is...then he totally got some bewbage! :)

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