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Marvel "terrorist" title to end in January 2002.

By ERIC J. MOREELS     September 21, 2001

Cover art to THE BROTHERHOOD #5
© 2001 Marvel

Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada recently announced that THE BROTHERHOOD has been cancelled. The final issue of the title will be January's #9.
When asked whether the decision was prompted by the recent terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington D.C., Quesada said that was not the case.

"Ironically we decided a few weeks ago to end the title," the EiC says. "Before I tell you what happened, I have to say that what I find funny these days is that in cases like this, most companies - and even Marvel in the past - would give you some bland company rhetoric to make the ending of a series or some new company initiative seem all palatable for all involved. At Marvel, these days, we try to give our fans the real world reasons, the hard truths about publishing and the reasons things happen. We figure our fans pay some pretty substantial dough for their comics and they deserve the real reasons. The funny thing about it is that the more we do that the more I see fan reaction calling us liars. Go figure."
"Anyway... the truth behind it has a few layers but here are the main two. The book wasn't quite reaching the readership we had hoped. Although the sales are okay, and certainly a ways from the cancellation point, you guys already know that I'm not afraid to cancel something that's selling if we feel that it's missing the mark somehow. X was doing a great job but X-Men fans just weren't supporting the book. That's okay, it happens and you can't hit one out of the park every time."

"The other, more prominent reason was that the editorial schedule with the book had become a complete cluster screw up," Quesada says. "When Axel [Alonso] was handed the book he was surprised at the fact that things were in such disarray. He reported to me and I was surprised as well. When the time came to assess the life of the book we felt that it was better to cut our losses, especially in the light of the lukewarm fan reaction, and start with something new and a clean schedule."


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