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Browder talks last of FARSCAPE

Actor talks about fourth season of SciFi show

By Christopher Allan Smith and Chris Wyatt     September 12, 2002

In the latest issue of CINESCAPE magazine FARSCAPE star Ben Browder talked about his work over the last three years to bring the show's lead character, human astronaut John Crichton, alive in the fantastical space opera.

While the interview was conducted before this week's shocking cancellation of the show, Browder did talk about his hopes and expectations for the shows which we now know will close out the series.

"OK!?! I'm doing more than OK," the actor said in quotes which now seem tinged with irony, in light of the show's departure. "I can't imagine going to work and having more fun than I do on FARSCAPE. FARSCAPE is much better than just OK!"

"Nothing with FARSCAPE is set in stone," he said about what fans can expect in the fourth season. "It reacts to itself, like a feedback loop. There's a kind of jazz motif that operates in the storytelling... It's not a set where everything is going to fit into an orderly fashion. It depends on the players and how they act on the day. There's a kind of chaos and synergy that happens. That's what keeps it alive. That's what makes it interesting. That's why it's unique. I don't think that anyone could have plotted the FARSCAPE arc from the beginning. Who would have predicted that John Crichton was going to go insane during season 2, or that he was going to get split into two during season 3, or that in season 4 something else -- which I have to keep secret -- was going to happen?"

For the full story, pick up a copy of the latest CINESCAPE magazine. The final episodes of FARSCAPE are set to air between January and March of next year.

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