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Bruce Wayne for Gotham TV Series

Casting is underway

By Robert T. Trate     December 07, 2013
Source: Superherohype

Gotham on Monday, Sept. 22 on FOX.
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In September, news broke that a new TV Series was in works wrapped around the pre-Batman days of Gotham (see here). We now have another nice little bit of news on the upcoming series. It seems as if Gotham will still have one character named Bruce Wayne, only he will be ten years old. TV Show Auditions had the posting.  

It will be interesting to see if young Bruce Wayne is a semi-regular character or just featured in the pilot. FOX is setting the series with a young Commissioner Gordon as the lead. The trials of a young Bruce Wayne will probably be apart of the gritty cop drama. The showrunner for the series will be the Mentalist’s Bruno Heller.

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WarCry 12/7/2013 8:40:20 AM

 They're going to blow this. I have absolutely zero confindence in this premise, because they're just making it a cop show with a couple of name-drops in it.

A HUGE part of the Batman mythos is that the "crazies" - the named villains - didn't show up until Batman did, leading to philosphical debates of whether or not Batman is the cause of the rise in the villains. If you have folks like Joker, Riddler, or Penguin show up without Batman, you're completely negating that aspect of the stories.

If you DON'T have those villains, then you've got a big-city PD fighting corruption and probably some mob stuff. There's nothing unique about that (MOB CITY just started if you want to see that).

I won't debate whether they can make a good cop show or not. Heller's work on THE MENTALIST leaves a pretty decent show as a legacy. But to slap "Gotham" and "Gordon" on it, that's just absurd. 

Wiseguy 12/7/2013 10:28:48 AM

That's HUGE part of the Nolan mythos not the Batman mythos.

I have no problems with this idea. Gordon may be an interesting enough character all by himself and the criminals.

But like AoS for example people need to learn and adjust expectations from superhero shows and shows that merely take place in that world

DarthBob 12/7/2013 11:27:56 AM

It would be cool if they somehow tied this into the fictional history written by Alan Moore, Peter Milligan in Dark Knight Dark City, and they definately can work in the Clench virus released by Ra's Al Ghul in the Contagion storyline.  I think this could be really good.

hanso 12/7/2013 12:16:37 PM

I think I read somewhere that, in the pilot the case that Gordon will be working will be the murder of Bruce's parents.  This news pretty much confirms that.  Makes sense too cause its a quick way to let the audience know that Batman ain't and won't be around for this.

hanso 12/7/2013 12:34:31 PM

They could also bring in The Court of Owls for this.  

6dra6on6 12/7/2013 12:58:37 PM


monkeyfoot 12/7/2013 1:13:20 PM

Like WarCry said, this show sounds like it will be all foreplay with no climax. Even the Smallville series had Superman as a teen getting in adventures. Without Batman or a Bruce Wayne old enough to get into trouble and no familiar villains, this will just be another cop show.

hanso 12/7/2013 2:01:44 PM

But this is another cop show so what else would it be?  It's going to explore the Gotham Police City Department, and will center on James Gordon.  That's all the show is.  I haven't seen where they mention that Batman or familiar villians would be popping in, so why would anyone expect them to be in this?  You might see some lesser DC villains that no one cares about and will never be in a flick show up but that's about it. They'll borrow from Gotham Central, deal with corruption, etc.  


WarCry 12/7/2013 2:34:58 PM

 Hanso, I brought up the villains and stuff because it's one of two ways they can go. As I said, they can either ignore the idea that the villains showed up BECAUSE of Batman (which is not something that Nolan thought up; that's been part of the Batman story at least back into the early 80s and Frank Miller), or they can have nothing connecting it to super heroes/villains at all, in which case it's just another cop show. There will be fan-boy love for the show, but not much else. 

A big difference with AoS is that there's not a whole lot of options for shows that blend sci-fi and "Mission: Impossible" type stuff with a smattering of capes and tights as a potential. This show is about a police department in a big city. Like NYPD Blue, or Law & Order, or CSI. They have to make the show stand out somehow, and that would be wih villains. Whic circles back to the first argument. If they don't, then the only thing it's going to have going for it amounts to name-dropping of Gordan, Gotham, and maybe a few other references.

Shogunn2517 12/7/2013 4:27:46 PM

 I agree with WarCry.  I don't think this is a case of a chicken/egg deal.  I mean, it would be neat to see Gordon and co take on the Falcone and Maroni crime families and see more fleshing out of these characters, but still this is some 15 years before Batman begins?  Why so long?  Why not have it in the time inbetween?  That way leave the door open for Bruce Wayne cameos or a Batman appearance at the end.  I'd watch 10 seasons just to see that happen.

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