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Bryan Singer Talks X-MEN 2

Helmer talks about bringing Marvel's mutants back for a sequel.

By Frank Kurtz     July 23, 2001
Source: Comics2Film

Hugh Jackman flashes his claws as Wolverine in THE X-MEN
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Bryan Singer has been talking about the fast developing X-MEN 2 project and its challenges.

While talking to Comics2Film, Singer spoke generally of how much easier it's been heading into the second film... while noting its difficulties, saying, "There's more freedom, but at the same time it's trying to keep everyone in the story and find things everyone to do and explore things that you didn't have the opportunity to do the first time, and also introduce new characters."

Regarding the script...or scripts... by David Hayter and Zack Penn, the helmer says, ""Our story is laid out and we're now working on the screenplay. David Hayter and a writer named Zack Penn is working with me. I get very hands-on in the script stage, so it's very much a strange collage that I'm the funnel for."

In spite of comments made by Penn at the San Diego Comic-Con International, Singer dismisses talk that there are actually two scripts being written, saying, "They're working on a single treatment. It's really a collaborative effort on all three of our parts. I outlined a storyline and they worked from that. It's on odd way of working but it's not two separate movies. It's one storyline."

As for what we can expect to see happen in the coming film, all Singer will say is: "You'll know a bit more about Wolverine."


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