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BUFFY Books to Blanket Comic Shops

Summer Slaying at the Comic Book Shop

By Eric Moro     June 14, 2001

TALES OF THE SLAYER interior pencils.
© 2001 Dark Horse Comics
Perhaps the most recent focus of Joss Whedon's (and the rest of his Mutant Enemy writing staff's) attention is the recently revamped line of Dark Horse comics. This summer alone will bear witness to four BUFFY-related books two of which will be written by Whedon and a fifth anthology book out this winter.

'There's the BUFFY ongoing series,' says BUFFY editor Scott Allie. 'There's an Oz miniseries that's three issues long running through the middle of the summer. [There's] FRAY, which is eight issues and goes on for quite a while. We're re-launching ANGEL as just a four-issue miniseries and Joss is co-writing that, and along the way we have a lot of collections and reprints coming out. In November, we have TALES OF THE SLAYER, which is entirely written by writers from the TV show (if you include Amber Benson, who's the one actress from the show writing something for this), including Joss and some really big name comic book artists: Craig Russell, Gene Colan, Tim Sale, and some other guys.'

The following is a list of upcoming BUFFY projects and their corresponding creative teams. Some of the projects you may be aware of, while others may come as a bit of a surprise:

¥ FRAY (written by Joss Whedon) debuts in June and tells the story of a futuristic slayer who becomes society's only hope for salvation from the forces of darkness.

¥ TALES OF THE SLAYER is an 88-page anthology-style one-shot featuring work from Whedon and other members of the Mutant Enemy team (including Amber Benson, Jane Espenson, David Fury, Rebecca Kirshner, and Doug Petrie). Each story will be illustrated by a different artist and feature a slayer from varying epochs. The book is set for a November release.

¥ An upcoming four-issue ANGEL miniseries (co-written by Joss Whedon) will focus on pulse-pounding action, pyrotechnics, bizarre looking monsters, and special effects the likes of which would deplete an entire season's budget. The miniseries will most likely serve to launch several other follow-up minis throughout the year (hopefully with the same creative team).

¥ A Faith miniseries written by Jane Espenson will reach comic shops sometime next year. Illustrated by ongoing series artist Cliff Richards, the story will take place right after the Sunnydale mayor's failed attempt at ascending to 'demonhood.' At this point in the show's history, Faith is in a coma. However, BUFFY comics editor Scott Allie assures us that the character will play 'an interesting role' in the goings-on of the story (as will the mayor and Buffy), and her first comic book appearance will depict the character in 'a really weird way.'

¥ Tom Fassbender and Jim Pascoe, the team behind the ongoing series, also have their own upcoming assignment in the works. While still early in the creative process so early, in fact, that it has yet to be scheduled the working title for their graphic story album is CREATURES OF HABIT. The story will be presented as a novella (similar in format to ALIENS: TRIBES), with 18 full color oil paintings and black and white art throughout the story.

Check back next week for complete coverage.


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