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Updated! Men In Black Invade Malcolm

By Rob M. Worley     February 03, 2002

Tonight'spost-Super Bowl, one-hour special presentation of Malcolm In The Middleis sponsored by Sony's Spider-Man. At the first commercial breakFox aired the now-familiar Spider-Man trailer that first airedduring Temptation Island last December.

Spidey also madean appearance in an early scene of the show itself. A poster for the movie couldbe seen crawling the walls of Malcolm's bedroom in an early scene.

But the specialepisode has played host to trailers for many Sony films. A second Men InBlack II trailer aired during a later commercial break. Like the SuperBowl trailer, this one was tailored to Malcolm In The Middle andopened with a scene featuring a typical family watching the show. It looks as ifdirector Barry Sonnenfeld is playing the dad in that scene. This trailer showslots more eye-candy too, including a good look at Johnny Knoxville's two-headedalien character.

For anyone who missed it:click here to enjoy the Men In Black IItrailer!
FAST MIRROR SITE: if the first link is slow clickhere for a super-speedy mirror graciously provided by Harry Knowles of Ain'tIt Cool News.


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