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Updated! Super Bowl: Blade II Cuts Into Game

By Rob M. Worley     February 03, 2002

So far SuperBowl XXXVI is no blow-out. While New England has maintained a consistent leadthe current 4th quarter score has the Patriots at 17 with the St. Louis Rams at10.

Spider-Manshowed up again at around 8:50. This time it was just a cameo in a UniversalStudios Florida commercial.

However, 30minutes later New Line rolled out their new trailer ad for Blade II.This features scenes found in the previous teaser along with some new footage ofWhistler and the Reapers.

Anyone whomissed it can now view the Super Bowl ad at the official Blade 2 website.

Thanks to Harry Knowles of Ain'tIt Cool News for hosting this trailer on the week following Super Bowl.

Check back laterfor more Super Bowl coverage on Comics2Film!

NOTE: This article was updated 2/11/2002 to indicate that the trailer is now available on the official site.


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