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Burning: Is There Justification?

You answer the question

By Troy Roberts     July 04, 2003

Everyone knows about the huge stink that the music industry is making against file transfer servers like WinMX, Kazaa and the like. According to them, it is illegal to share songs that you have purchased and give them to other people for free. Also according to them, this is killing the music industry. But how much longer will it be until the gaming industry starts making the same fuss?

I'll give it to you - CDs are way overpriced and we as the consumer know that we can burn the CD for about 1/20th of the price that the record companies are charging us. Now, I don't particularly condone burning full CDs just because you can - my way of thinking is that if the entire CD is good enough for you to listen to over and over again, it's worth purchasing. Now, if there is one track on the CD that is worth anything and that is the only one you want to listen to, download it and burn it. This, in my opinion, should teach people not to release crappy CDs.

Now, in the music industry this is a full blown thing, and the film industry is beginning to become the same way. But what about video games? It doesn't seem like it is as big of a deal in our industry as it is in others. But I know for a fact there are a ton of gamers out there who download games and just burn them instead of buying them. I had the misfortune of buying a game (I know, some of you are like "What? He buys games?!") from Wal-Mart a little while back. I opened the game up and noticed that the Playstation 2 logo looked a bit different and so did the CD as a whole. Then it hit me: this wasn't a real game. Someone had bought the CD, opened it just enough to get the CD out but not break the seal, burned a fake logo onto a blank CD and put it back in. They proceeded to take it back and get their money back. Obviously, I was a ticked off, but I had to give props to the guy - he pulled that one off.

This was obviously wrong to do. But I know a guy who does this. He buys games pretty regularly, but if he knows there is a game coming out that isn't worth 50 bucks, he burns it instead of buying it. He says it works the same way as the music industry; if you release crap, don't expect anyone to buy it.

So, our question this week is: Do you think it is right to burn games instead of purchasing them? Can you see any situation that you would answer yes in? Or should the people who burn games be hung up by their genitals and flogged? Let me know at GamersThumb@cinescape.com.


Tamara Brooks - Before I get to the Gamers Answer, there is one thing I must address...

"You don't get many opportunities to get a girl playing games, and when you do, you have to make sure they aren't firing up a complicated or in-depth game."

I'm sure this isn't the first email you'll get about this quote, and I doubt it'll be the last. What I'm going to do is assume you didn't mean what you said the way it sounded. Because it rather seems like you're insinuating that a girl couldn't possibly be interested in or be able to fathom any complicated or in-depth games. That can't possibly be what you meant. Because if you did mean it like that, then I'd be forced to unleash a verbal storm of fire and brimstone...and who wants that? Instead I'm going to assume that you meant that, as a gross generalization, girls aren't normally interested in playing complicated and/or in-depth games so when a girl shows interest, you must get them hooked on a game fast and what better way than with easy yet entertaining games (like anything involving the words "Mario" or "Wario").

That being said, if you haven't figured it out yet, I happen to be a girl who digs video games. I take part in HALO tournements and hold my own, I beat KINGDOM HEARTS twice, and I'm currently on the 2nd disk of FFVIII. Not bad considering I don't own my on console yet and do all my playing at my friend's house. I love those types of games. I also am all over fighting games. Tekken was my game of choice but my friend just got Tao Feng and I must say, it's an excellent, excellent game. It's become my keg of whup-ass, tapped at will. I also like comic books, anime, and action movies. And I don't really do "chick flicks". Yes, I know that basically makes me the human equivalent of a Unicorn (a being that one hears about, yet never actually sees for themselves). But the thing is, I know quite a few other girls who dig these games too...and they're all really pretty (not that I'm trying to pimp them, I'm just trying to make a point here).

So anyway, I just wanted to let you know that there are girls out there who would rather pick up a controller and launch a cooperative campaign of death and dismemberment across the plains of a post-apocolyptic wasteland or through a zombie-infected town than hunker down and make you watch "Beaches" for the 11th time this month. I hope you enjoyed my little email and here's hoping they don't push back HALO 2 again. I don't think my poor heart could take the disappointment...

Of course we didn't mean every girl, is was a gross generalization, one used to refer to the specific type of girl that doesn't play videogames often, or ever. We apologize for this generalization, and hope to be more clear in the future.

You're not really a Unicorn though... I refer you to my friend Becky who is the president of an anime club, and can kick the shit out of anyone I know in DEAD OR ALIVE 3. Or Rachel, who loves RATCHET AND CLANK and drew me the coolest Auron poster ever. The column wasn't really about these types of girls, but about the non-gamer girls... I guess the title "Girl Gamer" was a bit misleading though.

In closing, I must part ways with you regarding chick flicks. I love them. Ok, maybe not love them, but I kinda look forward to feeling all mushy and romantic inside. That however, is probably a good enough topic for a whole other column.


P.S. - When my male readers e-mail for your phone number, can I release it to them?


Rockstar Games has launched the official MAX PAYNE 2 website...S2 Games' SAVAGE will go into beta testing in August...Konami's KARAOKE REVOLUTION will be released in Japan this fall...EA is working on a MEDAL OF HONOR game for the Game Boy Advance...



Well, there isn't much coming out this week, but SILENT LINE: ARMORED CORE looks pretty good so I'll say that would probably be the best game to check out next week.

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