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Burton Addresses APES Rumors

Helmer Doesn't Deny Delays

By Frank Kurtz     July 24, 2001
Source: Toronto Sun

Michael Clark Duncan as gorilla officer Attar in PLANET OF THE APES
© 2001 20th Century Fox

Tim Burton sounds surprised that everyone has been talking about how his PLANET OF THE APES was still being put together up to the 11th hour. While talking to the Toronto Sun, the filmmaker sounded annoyed about talk that the film might be forced to be released a week later than planned, saying, "I read this in a major newspaper this week, and I was, like, first of all, 'What?' And second of all, 'Who cares?'"

Still, Burton does admit that late effects work for the film will have the project working hard to make its release date deadline.

However, Burton sounds aggravated by the word of the delays getting out, saying, "I mean, how is this news? What person who's working on a film isn't, like, going crazy or working on it right to the end? Those last two weeks you're wanting to kill yourself. They have to grab the film can from your clenched fist. What would be a lot more interesting would be if you found a filmmaker who says, 'Great, I finished my movie, and handed it to the studio two weeks before release. I'm going on vacation now.'"

Burton does realize how high profile the project is... as well as the additional pressure he has on him, as he says, "You're making a new version and you're changing things, and at the same time you don't want to piss anybody off. I really don't know what the expectations are out there... It's like when I saw GODZILLA. It pissed me off that it didn't look like Godzilla. But I thought that was just me, I didn't realize it was widespread."


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