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X2: Wolverine's Revenge - Not X-actly A Wolverine Game

By Dave Richards     May 01, 2003

Ina few days the world will be in the grip of Mutant Mayhem when X2: X-MenUnited bursts on to the big screen. If that's not enough for you,the X-Men's most popular member, the Canucklehead, Wolverine slashes hisway on to all the next generation video game systems, in Activision's X2:Wolverine's Revenge.

Like the X-Men sequel, Wolverine'sRevenge explores the past of everyone's favorite adamantium reinforcedball of rage. Comic veteran Larry Hama writes the game's story. Itopens with Wolverine's escape from the Weapon X facility that created him. We then flash to present day where Wolverine learns that the Weapon Xprogram put fail safe in him. He has 48 hours to find a cure for the ShivaVirus or it will kill him. Wolverine must revisit his past to find a cure.Standing in his way is a horde of commandos, Sabretooth, the Wendigo, Magneto,Lady Deathstrike and many other fearsome foes.

Wolverine often boasts, "I'mthe best there is at what I do." Unfortunately in Wolverine'sRevenge, what he does is get his ass kicked. For a game that featuresone of the toughest fighters appearing in comic books, Wolverine's Revengecan be incredibly difficult.Often in the game you will be running and hidingso you can heal from your last injuries. In some scenes where Wolverineis surrounded by enemy commandos (the equivalent of comic book cannon fodder)instead of slicing and dicing with your claws you end up getting shot,punched, and kicked repeatedly by enemies that would easily be taken downby Logan's comic book counterpart. Learning how best to use Wolvie's healingfactor is essential to survival

Wolverine's Revengealso feature's elements where you make like Metal Gear's Solid Snakeand kill enemies with stealth attacks. These can be frustrating, but whenyou pull them off you are treated to some cool visuals. Another cool featureof stealth mode is the ability to use Wolverine's enhanced senses. Youcan see hidden sensor beams, track opponents, and see in the dark.

The ability to enter intoberserker rage can be a blessing and a curse. Your attacks do more damagebut you fight sloppier and are easier to hit.

The graphics on the gameare not spectacular but they are not bad either. Wolverine and the game'sboss villains are recognizable and decently rendered. However, some ofthe backgrounds and common enemy characters are poorly rendered.

Wolverine's Revengehas some nice sound features. The voice cast is quite good. Patrick Stewartreprises his role of Professor X in the game. Unfortunately Hugh Jackmandoes not provide the voice for Wolverine. An actor familiar to Comics2Filmfans, Mark Hamill, voices Wolverine. Outside of Star Wars, Hamillis best know for providing the voice for the Joker on Batman the AnimatedSeries. He seems like a very unusual choice, but Hamill does a greatjob bringing the X-Men's badass to life.

Wolverine's Revengeis a frustratingly difficult game with some nice features. It may looklike Wolverine, it may sound like Wolverine, but Wolverine does not spendmost of his time running and hiding. The game would have been so much betterif it allowed you cut loose and slice and dice a few nameless commandos.Instead they fight like Kung-fu master and can really hurt you. Wolverine'sRevenge isn't a bad game. There are some fun moments like pulling ofstealth kills. I recommend renting the game first. If you're looking fora difficult, but fun game you should enjoy Wolverine's Revenge.But if you're looking for the ideal X-men video game, Wolverine's Revengewill send you into a berserker rage.


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