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skitzoid77 2/8/2013 7:45:32 AM

sick to death of vampire movies.....they we're ok back in the day, to me Near Dark will always be my favorite as it was the more realistic (imo).....but the way they shove it in your face with all the twilight crap and the endlesss amount of lame vampire T.V. shows or shows that have a vampire in it is just WAY to much.....personally I have always liked werewolves better and there are some good movies out there even though for some strange reason hollywood seems to stay away from including them in an epic movie....they have only made a few serious attempts in recent years(underworld & wolfman) and they were very in short I HATE vampires and any movie involving them just want a decent stand alone werewolf movie......until then I am waiting for I Frankenstein

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