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C2F BLAST: HULK VS., IRON MAN 2, X-MEN 3 and more

Your Comics2Film roundup for 11/28

By Rob M. Worley     November 28, 2008
Source: Various

Hulk shows up on WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN
© Marvel Entertainment

Theroux gives a peek into the  'Iron Man 2'/'Avengers' creative process. ToonZone gives you a peek at 'Hulk Vs'. New book gives you a peek at the 'X-Men 3' that might have been. More peeks and sneaks from around the interwebs in this round up for November 28th...

'IRON MAN 2' scribe says Marvel writers don't cross over

Marvel is entering into relatively new territory with their slate of three upcoming movies that will dovetail into the mega-crossover 'The Avengers'. While 'Iron Man 2' director Jon Favreau says he hopes and expects to have confabs with the directors of 'Thor' and 'First Avenger: Captain America', screenwriter Justin Theroux told MTV Splah Page that there's currently no such collaboration happening between himself and the other writers.

"You know, there’s NO [emphasis theirs] dialogue right now - in a great way," the writer siad. "I think [Marvel Studios President] Kevin Feige just wants to make sure we can make the best movie that we can make."

So far there have been no madates to include other characters or otherwise seed the movie with preludes to the team-flick.

"No, not yet. But that being said, Kevin is in all the meetings for all the movies, and is the sort of connective tissue – the neurons if you will – running between the meetings. Making sure all the things can be connected," Theroux explained. "But they haven’t burdened us with that yet. We’ve obviously kept an ear out for it, and we’re looking for ways to write that don’t bump [heads]. Once we sort of get to a more stable place at that point, we’ll see where to go from there."

[LINK] - Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.

New Trailers For 'HULK VS'

Marvel Animation age has a pair of new trailers for the upcoming DVD release 'Hulk Vs'. Click through and view!

[LINK] - Thanks to Jim Harvey for the submission.

Behind the curtain of Singer's unmade 'X-MEN 3' movie

Director Bryan Singer famously ditched the third feature in the 'X-Men' franchise in order to pursue his 'Superman Returns' plans, leaving Marvel's mutants in the less-capable hands of director Brett Ratner. As a result, fans were delivered two disappointments.

Now, a new book called "Mutant Cinema: The X-Men Trilogy From Comics to Screen" reveals what Singer and his collaborators Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty had planned for 'X-Men 3', before the switcheroo happened. The Geek Files blog provides this excerpt from the book:

Dougherty says the resolution of the Phoenix plot would definitely have been a major part of their version: "The main element for me was Jean coming back and learning how much power she could wield - that she just became overcome by it."

Dougherty says that many of the ideas he was considering, such as Magneto trying to use Phoenix as a weapon, ended up in the filmed version. He also says that the idea of Jean using Cyclops' power to kill herself was one they liked, though they would have made it clear that only Phoenix's body was dying. Her spirit would live on, evolving Jean past mutant and into a godlike cosmic state.

Click through for more exceprts.


Cover Art For Upcoming 'Batman: The Animated Series' Soundtrack Release

The World's Finest has your first look at the cover art to the upcoming Batman: The Animated Series soundtrack release.

[LINK] - Thanks to Jim Harvey for the submission.

Finale Of 'THE BATMAN' to air on Teletoon In December 2008

The Canadian network Teletoon plans to air the final two episodes of The Batman in December 2008. Click through for details...

[LINK] - Thanks to Jim Harvey for the submission.


The World's Finest has two video clips from the popular new animated series starring Batman.

[LINK] - Thanks to Jim Harvey for the submission.

Jetix to air toon classic 'X-MEN: THE ANIMATED SERIES' in December 2008

The Jetix block on Toon Disney has scheduled the holiday-themed X-Men: The Animated Series episode.

[LINK] - Thanks to Jim Harvey for the submission.


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LadyBrowncoat 11/28/2008 4:32:15 PM

 As a huge fan of the Dark Phoenix story line from way back when, I would have LOVED to see this done more faithfully.  Who knows if that would have actually happened.

hanso 11/28/2008 5:49:15 PM

No worries, it probably will happen once the reboot starts.

I'm glad they aren't having writer meetings.  They should stick with what they've done so far.  In both IM and Hulk the  stuff about the Avengers is at the very end of the film, if you took those scenes out the movies would still work perfectly.  Marvel should concern themselves with making the best possible film for each character. If they do that, The Avengers will take care of itself.

todd890 11/29/2008 7:46:29 AM

Actually they could fix it with the x-men film. I think it was Cable that fixed the timeline. He would have all ready been in the past, their present and he sees and feels that things has gone wrong with the time line. It would be better for him to have been in the third film or another to fix the mistake.

It would be cool to see the beginning of the third film near the end of another with the whole group of them to avoid the crisis in the first place. either that or have Cable save her before she died.

evilbeagle 11/29/2008 9:31:44 AM

X-men just needs to wait awhile before venturing back onto the big screen.  It doesn't even have to be a reboot-they just need to give us time to forget X3.  I'm okay with a restart of sorts if that's what they decide to do.

I'm cool with the writers being given space to write their films as best as possible, but everyone's eyes need to be on the big picture as well.  I still believe there's more collaboration going on that what they would like to admit.  I bet everyone know's what is expected when all character's are combined for Avengers, but their probably being given leeway on how to get there.

Wiseguy 11/29/2008 3:22:11 PM

I don't see any need for the writers to have cross meetings or to plant seeds yet either. We had Fury do a cameo in IM and Stark did a cameo in the Hulk, no need for the movies to be intertwined more than that. Save it for the end of Captain America and The Avengers film.

I want a restart of the X-Men franchise. Let's begin with the original team and do it chronologically. That would be my favored way but I doubt they do that since they seem to want Wolverine front and center for anything X-Men.

AMiSHPiRATE 12/1/2008 6:33:47 AM

Slightly unrelated:  I was watching X2 this weekend.  The opening scene in the whitehouse with night crawler?  Does not hold up.  And my god, Wolverine is like twice the size of storm.

violator14 12/2/2008 9:19:20 AM

Geez Amish... where have u been?? FYI... there's an X-Men 3 as well....it's aiight.. =)



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