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Your Comics2Film roundup for 11/26

By Rob M. Worley     November 26, 2008
Source: Various

Dr. Manhattan is electrifying in WATCHMEN(2008).
© Warner Bros.

The first 'Punisher War Zone' review is online! Millionaire talks 'Drinky Crow'! Marvel makes beautiful music! More as we ride the open range of the interwebs, gunning down the most wanted news items and delivering the bounty of knowledge to you! Giddyap!

Tony Millionaire on 'THE DRINKY CROW SHOW'

Over at CBR, the creator of the popular comic strip, 'Maakies,' Tony Millionaire discusses his new animated series on Adult Swim, 'The Drinky Crow Show,' and the process of adapting his illustrated work for TV.

[LINK] - And, don't miss some hilarious footage from the show here and here at Mania.

Marvel, Cherry Lane in tune

Variety reports that Marvel Entertainment has formed a pact with Cherry Lane Music Publishing Co. for a "long-term worldwide music administration deal."

Apparently the music publisher will be pumping out the soundtracks for this year's 'Iron Man' and 'Incredible Hulk' as well as TV toons like 'Wolverine and the X-Men', 'Super Hero Squad', 'Thor' and 'The Avengers'. The pact also cover 2010 and 2011 films.



Newsarama has posted an embargo-busting review of 'Punisher: War Zone'. It's the first one we've seen. The news ain't good:

War Zone is a relentlessly grim and unapologetically violent mess of a movie that pays tribute to comic book creators Garth Ennis and Tim Bradstreet's dark, twisted take on the character as well as give the cinematic finger to the first two films. But it’s still not very good.

[LINK] - Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.

WATCHMEN to crash Microsoft's 'Xtival 08'

If you're linking up your XBox Live rig for this weekend's three-day virtual mosh Xtival 08 then you'll want to keep your eyes peeled for exclusive footage from 'Watchmen'. On the official website for the stay-at-home gathering of millions of gamers, Microsoft boasts:

The Prodigy are headlining and music is at the heart of Xtival ’08, rocking with your friends. Adrenaline gaming also figures, with the latest in racing, shooting and sports. We’ve also grabbed some great content from 2009’s must-see movie Watchmen

[LINK] - Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.

Geoff Johns on the Legion and 'SMALLVILLE'

Comic-book writer and screenwriter Geoff Johns reveals some interesting tidbits on the introduction of the Legion and the Persuader in the January 15th episode of 'Smallville'.

[LINK] - Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.


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Nomad 11/26/2008 10:59:57 AM

Before you link to a review, you might check first to see if it's legit.

 There are going to be good reviews and bad reviews of Lexi Alexander’s upcoming [i]Punisher: War Zone[/i] (05 Dec). It’s an action film with a fair amount of violence with its source in comic books…certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. [i]Punisher: War Zone[/i] will have to abide by those reviews, whatever they are. But no one should have to abide by a FALSE review. From what I can tell, the “review” by Simon Blaire at newsarama.com appears to be one such false “review.”

As many of you may have earlier concluded, I have several inside sources on this film. Yes, there they are again, those infamous “insiders.” It’s beautiful! None of them knows who the others are! It drives them crazy! So my phone and DSL lines have been zinging all morning as I try to piece all this together.

I think we can approach this on two fronts: the UN-likelihood of Mr Blaire having actually seen the film based on what I’ve discovered this morning, and then on a closer look at what his “review” does or does NOT say.

Here’s what I have so far on the GREAT UN-likelihood that Simon Blaire has actually seen [i]Punisher: War Zone[/i].

1) No one at Lion’s Gate, including the president of marketing, knows how Mr Blaire would have seen the film.

2) The copies are so protected, not even the FBI would be able to get a copy right now.

3) I’m told not even the director has a copy.

4) Ray Stevenson’s agent was denied a showing of the film at the agency, and had to go to Lion’s Gate to see it.

5) As yet, there have been no screenings for the press or critics.

I’ve never heard of Simon Blaire before, nor do I know of anyone who has, but he would have to be AWFULLY important and AWFULLY well-connected to have screened [i]Punisher: War Zone[/i]. Ray Stevenson hasn’t even seen it yet, and he’s right here in town for the premiere on 01 December!

Now on to the actual “review.”

No where does Simon Blaire actually SAY he saw the film. But he’s quite clever in implying that he has. In actual fact, he says nothing that can’t be pieced together by looking at all the teasers, trailers and television ads with perhaps a reading of one of the early script versions that are floating around. He may even have a copy of the shooting script.

There is one GLARING omission from his “review” that I find quite telling. This film has a VERY distinctive look in terms of lighting and color. Lexi Alexander and Director of Photography Steve Gainer collaborated beautifully to achieve that look. Strangely, Simon Blaire never once mentions the look of the film. This is a VERY odd omission. In fact, Mr Blaire seems not to have noticed ONE visual in his review that can’t be inferred from another source.

Take this, for example:

[i]Whereas the last Punisher movie was set in Tampa, this one takes place in New York City (although not much appears to have actually been shot here). There isn't a palm tree in sight.[/i]

Anyone can look at the filming locations on IMDb to see where it was filmed and, sure enough, there are very few palm trees in Quebec, Canada! Nor in Vancouver, Canada! Yet, Mr Blair seems to imply the “sight” in which there are no palm trees was within HIS sight. Hardly.

And on accents:

[i]…when Stevenson does finally talk, you realize why we were getting the silent treatment. He can’t hide his Irish accent! It pops in and out to the point of distraction.[/i]

It’s well-known that Ray Stevenson, though born in Northern Ireland, left at the age of 8 to be raised in the Newcastle area of north-eastern England. Ray Stevenson has a lovely and proper British accent with a bit of Geordie that creeps in now and again. He does not now, nor has he ever had, an Irish accent of any sort! As proof of Ray Stevenson’s accent, I offer this video interview from the set of Punisher: War Zone last year:

[url]http://www.blackfilm.com/20081113/features/punisherspecial_interviewra y.shtml[/url]

And another:

[i]As Jigsaw, West - a Brit - fares even worse than Stevenson at hiding his accent. Either his agent has a great sales pitch or the casting director of War Zone really likes “The Wire.” Why else would you cast an English actor who can’t disguise his accent for such a distinct role as a New York crime lord?[/i]

Here, Blaire makes his own case that his statement is inherently false. He accuses West of having a poor accent while at the same time crediting him with his five years on [i]The Wire[/i]! Is there anyone here who thinks a classically trained actor such as Dominic West incapable of an American accent after five YEARS of [i]The Wire[/i]?

Moreover, I learned from one of my sources that [i]Punisher: War Zone[/i] had no fewer than TWENTY “accent nazis” on the film, all of whom signed off on it with kudos to both Ray Stevenson and Dominic West.

The rest of the “review” is nothing more than what may be inferred from material other than the actual film. I am in complete agreement with Mr Wayne Kerr who posted this on newsarama.com in response to Mr Blaire’s “review:”

[b]WayneKerr wrote:

Wow. Unless 'reviewer' Simon Blaire outs the person who got him a copy of Punisher War Zone, I'm calling bullsh*t, because this movie has not yet screened for the press and security has been tighter than a duck's bumhole.

99% of his review could be gleaned from the various early drafts of the script floating round the Internet, and the remainder are only educated guesses based on what is known. One such "educated guess" is in fact quite uneducated. Though the press publicly states Ray Stevenson was born in Ireland, he has not lived there in over 30 years and doesn't speak with an Irish accent in any case. Sounds to me like Mr Blaire just wanted to be "first" to review the film and has blatantly lied to call himself such.

In other words, disregard this review. Wait till a real one comes out. That won't happen for days yet.[/b]



hanso 11/26/2008 4:54:46 PM

So basically the film is gory but it sucks?  ok.  Well at least it has something going for it.  I thought it might compete with Max Payne to see which was worse, sounds like Max Payne already took that trophy. 

evilbeagle 11/27/2008 9:41:03 AM

Punisher: War Zone looks stupid.  I want to like it, but I don't see it happening.

WarCry 11/27/2008 5:48:28 PM

So, Nomad, you're saying I should take YOUR word for it that the guy hasn't seen it over HIM saying he has, even though I don't know EITHER of you and neither of you give any reason for me to believe one over the other? Ok, whatever you say, man...


I was eally excited about this movie when it was announced. That excitement level went down with every bit of news that came out about it. When I saw the trailer (the red-band trailer), I decided that this would be the first Marvel movie since Blade that I won't be seeing on opening weekend - or at all...

Just from the trailer, I've got to say it looks like they took the parts of Punisher that looked "controversial and exciting" and skipped..oh, I don't know, a story.

Whatever, I'm not going to be the one who makes or breaks this film, but I wouldn't be surprised at all to see this one hit rock bottom. Time will tell....



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