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C2F Shop - 'Fantastic Four' Extended DVD

By Rob M. Worley     June 05, 2007
Source: www.comics2film.com

Comics2Film kicked off our Daily Giveaways by offering readers a free copy of 'Fantastic Four' on DVD, bud die-hard fans may want to click right through to the Shop for the new Extended Edition debuting on DVD today. According to the sales materials it's "Bursting with hours and hours of bonus material including an exclusive 100 minute 'Making of' featurette and an Inside Look at 'Fantastic Four 2', this Extended Edition also features 20 minutes of footage added back into the film."Also new on DVD is the fantabulous 'Highlander' anime:"A distant and animated sequel to the 1986 Highlander, which starred Christopher Lambert as an immortal Scottish swordsman, Highlander: The Search for Vengeance concerns the tale of Colin MacLeod, a 2nd century, Celtic warrior who becomes immortal following his defeat at the hands of Roman tyrant Marcus Octavius. Colin spends the next couple of millenia chasing after Marcus--also immortal--as the latter reinvents himself time and again as a ruler of kingdoms in every corner of the globe. The longtime duel extends into Earth's dystopian future about 200 years from now, where Colin--now a wandering mercenary--finds Marcus once again making lives miserable as head of a private government wielding a deadly virus."Any purchases made by clicking these links will help C2F stay Fantastic!


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