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C2F@5: 5 Years of Comics2Film!

    May 24, 2002

Itwas May 1997. The state-of-the art destination "The Worley Wide Web"was running full-tilt, pulling in over 2 visitors a day and serving up animpressive collection of cat pictures and links to sites that were better thanit. It was the brainchild of young Rob Worley who, quite frankly, had no ideawhat he was doing.

The world ofcomic book movies was just heating up then. There were exciting future-classicson the horizon like Spawn, Batman and Robin and Steel.Rob found himself addicted to outlets that talked about these movies. Placeslike Ain't-It-Cool-News, Zentertainment,"Marvel Vision" magazine and RobAllstetter's venerable Comic Book Reporter Line phone-in update!

Sadly, there wasno single resource tying the comic book movie news together in one place. Worleymade it his mission in life to summarize the reports into one database and lo: Comics2Film(a subsection of a subsection of "The Worley Wide Web") was born!

Flash forward toMay 24, 2002! Comics2Film.com stands asthe longest-running site of its kind. It now boasts a staff of reporters andgets considerably more than two hits a day! It's been five years of reporting on what has becomeone of the most exciting movie genres: Comic book movies, the breeding groundfor the blockbuster hit Spider-Man.

Today we kickoff our 5th Anniversary Celebration. It's C2F's birthday but you, thefaithful readers, get the gifts! We've got goodies and prizes pouring in fromstudios and production offices. So far there's so much stuff we don't even knowwhat we have!

You like DVDs?We've got DVDs! You like one-of-a-kind collectibles? How about cool gear fromthe makers of your favorite comic book movies and TV shows?

We'll be givingaway prizes DAILY as the celebration continues.

You want all thecomic book movies ever made? That's nuts! We can't give you that! But we willgive one lucky winner the C2F Mega-library, stocked with key DVD titles of allthe great comic book adaptations.

We're acceptingentries into the giveaway starting now. Clickhere to get enrolled in the contest! Then in two weeks the gift-givingbegins! We'll keep you posted as prizes come in so you'll have a good ideawhat's up for grabs.

This is C2F'sway of saying thanks to you, dear reader, for making us the #1 comic book movienews site on the internet!


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