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Boombatty 1/8/2007 12:49:12 PM
What the hell? Where did you get this film, and what in the name of all that is unholy made you decide to review this? Interesting choice mind you but one review that while might be a hoot to read but would never, even if it have received an "A", would I rent, buy or watch on cable. As for the review itself, I don't understand how "No one can accuse this low budget film of being great, or even very good. The dialog is forced, the plot is absurd, and the acting only occasionally rises to the level of mediocre." translates to a "B " grade. Not to nitpick, but this is the exact reason people on this board have often derided the reviews on Cinescape. A "B " devalues a revue of a "B " BT gave to Flightplan or the "B " Fifth Element received. And while I didn't enjoy Van Helsing, it received a "B-", so this was in fact better than that? Same with Children of the Corn's "C ", Paycheck's "B" and on and on and on. So this movie was so close to being Perfect it got a "B "? You might want to recalibrate your scale a wee bit.


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