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Cameras Roll on Saint Sinner

By Rob M. Worley     May 10, 2002

SCIFI Wire reports that filming is underway on Clive Barker's SaintSinner. The project is a two-hour movie loosely based on Barker'sMarvel/Epic comic of the same name. Gina Ravera (Kiss The Girls),Greg Serano (Legally Blonde), Mary Mara (K-Pax) andRebecca Harrell (Prancer) star in the made-for-TV film.

SCI FI providesthis description of the show: "Saint Sinner tells the storyof Brother Tomas (Serano), a 19th-century monk whose order has been safeguardingevil objects collected by the church. Tomas unwittingly unleashes demons (Mara,Harrell) imprisoned in one of the objects, who flee into the 21st century, wherethey inflict unimaginable horrors. Tomas pursues them to present-day Seattle totry to stop them with the help of Rachel Dressler (Ravera)."

The script waswritten by Doris Egan (Smallville) and directed by Joshua Butler (TheInvisible Man). It's due to air on October on The SCI FIChannel.


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