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ponyboy76 3/4/2010 10:28:49 AM

The censorship on this site is getting ridiculous. I had 2 words in a 3 paragraph post that would be considered light swear words and they wouldn't let me post until I "fixed" them.

monkeyfoot 3/4/2010 10:42:18 AM

I think what they mean by LOOSELY based for W2 is that it will be like Wolverine Origins  and will include various mutants that weren't in the oiriginal story. Instead of just Silver Samurai they'll probably throw in some other mutant characters just to make it more like the X-men movies. Liev Schreiber has been saying in interviews he hopes Sabertooth is in this film.

spiderhero 3/4/2010 10:44:21 AM

I can see it now: Neil Patrick Harris prancing around singing "La la la la la la, la la la la la..."

lusiphur 3/4/2010 11:01:55 AM

Neil Patrick Harris will be the lead live action character?  Does that make him Gargamel?

javaone 3/4/2010 11:08:33 AM

Well I sure as hell hope it doesn't make him Papa Smurf.

javaone 3/4/2010 11:09:22 AM

Not that I'm going to watch that anyway. LOL

Wiseguy 3/4/2010 11:12:37 AM

Wolverine "loosely" based on the mini series makes me nervous. Anyway the character, his story and origin has been butchered so much that it really doesn't matter all we can hope for is a bunch of action. Maybe when they reboot his story they'll get someone that resembles Wolverine is some form and stop trying to get a pretty boy

Stephen Lang as the villain in Conan could be pretty awesome. I already liked the guy before AVATAR but I think that part has brought much  earned attention to him.

Still not sold on Scott Pilgrim, need a kick ass trailer at least before I decide to pay for to see this. And K.Smith's words don't mean shit to me after so many bad movies with his name

Don't understand what WarCry is getting at with the Avengers animated series. The previous thread was talking about the same series. Anyway, I like it and I like the Squaddies and the Iron Man toon. Everything ain't about you old effers :) Marvel has to attract the next generation of fans

I guess I'll be watching Kimmel sunday night. But we already saw an IM2 trailer, oh forgot, "new" trailer with 3 seconds never seen before I bet. Still, that's good enough for me to stay up

The Losers looks to be better than the A-Team

I'm ok with Raimi re-making Darkman I mean the Shadow

cromulentcat 3/4/2010 11:12:55 AM

Why cant we get an animated series thats a little more serious like X-men the Animated Series from 92... thats what essentially got me to read comics and really got me to love superheros... it wasnt some fluffed up pice of sh*t like all other animation out now... *sigh* those were great times for animation and comics...

WarCry 3/4/2010 11:48:41 AM

Javaone, the Smurfs are the CGI parts. Jonathan Winters is voicing Papa Smurf.




In case ya care...

jfdavis 3/4/2010 11:51:25 AM

To me, the Avengers series looks like a "serious" cartoon as much as The Batman or Spectacular Spider-man anyway maybe Justice League which would be cool.  It looks like an improvement over the '90's series. That was good but the costumes were weird.

Wolverine 2- "Loosely-based" being the operative phrase but I'm sure it'll be good enough to entertain me.

Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus is probably playing that knight who had a squire named Peewee. I forget his name...

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