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evilbeagle 2/18/2010 5:28:23 PM

Does any movie of real substance get an NC-17 rating?  It's foolish to even ask for one, since the reigning NC-17 box office champion is still Showgirls!  I'm guessing every studio would prefer profitable returns rather than appeasing a small portion of the masses with graphic violence and sex.

BTW, I also love Burton's original take on Batman.  It's just that the action sequences in Nolan's films make Burton's scenes look pedestrian.  Keaton has been my favorite Bruce Wayne though.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 2/18/2010 8:03:23 PM

Tell me guy wouldn't make a good Peter Parker in both looks and acting department:


jfdavis 2/18/2010 8:38:43 PM

The acting department? Yelchin's Chekov was easily the worst character impression in the Star Trek film. Yes, he was told to do the cheesy Russian accent but he still could have done it better...His Kyle in Terminator: Salvation was better but I'm not convinced...

OmegaDean 2/18/2010 9:51:37 PM

I know I'm gonna catch flack for this as usual.  Burtons and Schumacker should have never been allowed near Batman.  As far as the psychological aspect I give Nolan many props... but I still found both his films lacking.

Spidey, you can't go wrong with more Spidey as long as you don't repeat that travesty that they called Spider-man 3.

Solomon Kane looks like fun

Dazzler 2/19/2010 4:38:39 AM

NC-17 would be great for a horror movie, Tru Blood movie would be a good contender. 

I hope Smallville does get it's final season, but they really need better writers for it.  I would like to get back to Lex for a final season or get the feel from the first 5 seasons. 

Wiseguy 2/19/2010 5:27:23 AM

NC17 is like the kiss of death, might as well be rated X. No kids at all, not even if accompanied by adults. Hell even Bruno was edited enough to avoid that rating

shac, even my man Cameron is allowed to be wrong every now and then

Wyldstaar 2/19/2010 8:28:22 AM

Wiseguy is dead on.  Most studios put it in their contracts with the filmmakers that they can't exceed a certain rating.  Kevin Smith has had to go to the wall three times with the ratings board to get an R for Clerks, Clerks II and Zack & Miri.  It boggles my mind that the MPAA originally gave Clerks an NC-17.  That movie has no nudity, no violence, no on-screen sex and no on-screen drug use.  Just lots of colorfull language.

keithdaniel 2/19/2010 9:16:37 AM

Wiseguy,I agree with you that even someone as talented and successful as James Cameron,my Canadian comrade,can be wrong sometimes...but so can you!

Wiseguy 2/19/2010 10:51:02 AM

You're right keithdaniel, but I'm only wrong once every 4 years. I was wrong last leap year 2008 about something, I'm not due to be wrong again til 2012 and as you know the world may end by then.

keithdaniel 2/19/2010 11:38:38 AM

A CORRECTION! I'd like to apologize to my fellow maniacs,including,Wiseguy. I know we're not always serious(sarcasm is often used and I should know because I'm guilty of it myself!) when we state our opinions,I know we just play around sometimes. But having said that,in the future,I'm going to try to refrain from calling someone wrong when that person states an opinion that I disagree with. I've learned from past debates and comments on mania and elsewhere,that in general,no one is really wrong,but just different tastes! From past debates about the various Batman films among others that I've had with Wise and Kara,I've learned that different people can see the same entertainment and either enjoy or dislike them for various reasons. Just because we may disagree,it obviously doesn't have to affect each others opinions,we can still go on and enjoy what we like! There's nothing WRONG with that!

Fellow maniacs,I cannot say in words,how much I've enjoyed reading the various articles and the subsequent comments from this site. I've had a lot of fun corresponding and debating with many of you,even if we haven't agreed on everything,but hey,we genre fans can be a fickle or fussy bunch when we want to be!

Some of you who have seen many of my past comments,may know that in addition to being a genre fan,I'm also an actor and screenwriter. Honesty,I haven't exactly spent as much time as I should've on my passions. I've completed three film scripts(two horror and one fantasy-adventure)and as proud as I am of them,the last one I finished was just over a year ago,and I haven't completed anything else since. This bothers me because it took me only 6 months to finish my two horror scripts and so therefore,I should've been more productive. It's certainly not wrong or a waste of time to read articles and comment on mania or to spend time on any other credible site,but just don't do so at the expense of your passions! It's nice to be entertained and state opinions,but anyone can do that. When you actually do things,like creating something,then that is truly yours forever,which is even better! So...that's what I'm going to do,start creating and becoming more active again! I'm not saying that it's not possible for me to come back to mania again to read and comment but if I do,it'll only be on a very rare occasion,because I just have too many other things to do and they should've been done long ago.

I hope I don't seem vain in any way,I'm not assuming that anyone here will miss my comments or that this site needs me in any way because this site and those that flock to it,have done so long before I came around and will continue to do so long after and that's more than fine with me! Like I've stated above,my overall message,is that I've spent too much time away from things that I should've been doing and could've been futher ahead in those passions by now. The internet and it's various resources can be a great thing,but like anything else,too much time there can distract you from other things that can be done. I just want others here to learn the same things I've learned,because there may be others who may have and still may be in the same boat as I have been. If there are things that many of you would like to do,then go do it,and do it now or at least as soon as you can...because one of the things that I've learned the hard way,is that life is too short. I've heard it said,that "the difference between a wiseman and a fool,is that a wiseman learns from the mistakes of others,but a fool learns from his own!" I've been guilty of both, but I'm hoping people who read this will learn from this fool. However,I'm going to work as hard as I can to be more of the wiseman!

Well,fellow maniacs,like I've said,I've enjoyed my time on here,but for the most part,it's I moved on and so I shall! Take care,you guys,and all the very best to you!

Keith Daniel

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