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Cameron to make only Avatar Films

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Cameron to make only Avatar Films

Pandora for Keeps

By Robert T. Trate     May 08, 2012
Source: Entertainment Weekly

The success of James Cameron’s Avatar was inspiring: an indication that it is possible to launch a new saga in reboot-happy Hollywood. Now it looks like Avatar is all he will be working on for, well, the rest of his filmmaking career. In an interview with the The New York Times, Cameron explains that he has shut down the development arm of his production company and is no longer working on new projects:

“I’m in the Avatar business. Period. That’s it. I’m making Avatar 2, Avatar 3, maybe Avatar 4, and I’m not going to produce other people’s movies for them. I’m not interested in taking scripts…. I think within the Avatar landscape I can say everything I need to say that I think needs to be said, in terms of the state of the world and what I think we need to be doing about it. And doing it in an entertaining way.”

Cameron goes on to note that anything he can’t say within the confines of Avatar‘s elaborate alien-treehugger mythology structure will instead be expressed in documentary form. (He’s working on a documentary about his deep-sea dive.) That’s disappointing for anyone who was hoping for movement on Cameron’s long-promised adaptation of Battle Angel — or, indeed, anyone hoping for a James Cameron movie not starring sexy volleyball-team cat people. The last time a major director gave himself over to a single science-fiction franchise, it worked out really well before it worked out really not so well.

As for Avatar 2, here’s what Cameron had to say about the movie’s status:

“So we’ve been mostly working on the tool set, the production pipeline, setting up the new stages in Los Angeles, setting up the new visual effects pipeline in New Zealand, that sort of thing. And, by the way, writing.”

Thanks to Chopsaki for the submission.


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shac2846 5/8/2012 9:14:01 AM

 Damn! Well it wasn't like we didn't see this coming. I've heard him talk about still wanting to do Battle Angel and he owns the rights but if you look at the production schedule and supposed release dates he'll be tied up for quite awhile. I imagine when the dust settles on Avatar he might give something else a try somewhere down the line but I'm looking forward to the Avatar sequels so take your time. 

aegrant 5/8/2012 9:14:59 AM

Well good for him.

And just like Avatar - i will see all the rest of them months after they come out on DVD/BRD.


DarthBob 5/8/2012 9:15:54 AM

"an indication that it is possible to launch a new saga..."  I think the "new" statement is a bit of a stretch.  He borrowed liberally from Call Me Joe and Noon Universe.  I have tried to make it all the way through this movie twice, but have been unsuccessful.  The Navi look like cartoons to me.  Maybe they'll look more convincing in the sequels.

Wiseguy 5/8/2012 9:23:24 AM

Well we knew he was doing 2 sequels and that's going to take up at least the next 4 to 5 years. Everything else beyond that I really wouldn't take as his final word but just how he feels right now.

I'd imagine that after so many years on one property he'll get the itch to stretch his creative nerves once again.

Then again he is a man of many passions so I can also see him keeping himself busy with further explorations and so on.

I just know that there are days when I feel 100% about something but may change my mind at some point down the line, I suspect this will be the case here

I'll be waiting for his Battle Angel Alita by the end of the decade

violator14 5/8/2012 9:30:35 AM

oh great...... here come the Avatar-hating trolls with their warthog snouts and warted skins. I can hear them from the distance marching toward us.... oh wait, i can see the line of torches over there now too...  =P   hahaha

redslayer 5/8/2012 9:35:24 AM

All  I wanted from you was "Battle Angel" !!  Was that so much  to ask??

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 5/8/2012 9:45:01 AM

Actually he said that he can use any new ideas he has within the universe of Avatar. So just because it's set in the universe doesn't mean it can have new stories, themes or whatnot.

Wiseguy 5/8/2012 10:00:38 AM

I wonder if we'll see and explore new planets in one of the sequels, I tend to think we will. I get the impression he wants to really expand on this universe.

All I know is that I can't wait for Avatar 2. I bet it's going to be some amazing shit. Cameron has always delivered and his T2 and Aliens sequels blew everyone away so I wouldn't bet against this one doing it too.

And Cameron isn't dumb either, I'm sure he's heard all the complaints about the story so I can see him devoting more time to that and coming up with yet another great epic adventure.

I recall reading that underwater motion capture was amongst the new things they're working on too since the Pandoran oceans will be a big part of the sequel

Is it too early to start hyping part 2? nah I don't think so but I'll wait anyway

larkcall 5/8/2012 10:20:56 AM

I don't know... I'm still a bit concerned about the continuation of this franchise.  Anyone else ready for Avatar:Reloaded and Avatar:Revolutions?

DarthoftheDead 5/8/2012 10:36:16 AM

@ larkcall - LMFAO!!!!

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